Cyborg Movie

Terminator 2: Judgment Day star Joe Morton was on a Television Critics Association panel for his new CBS show God Friended Me. He plays the estranged father of an atheist podcaster (Brandon Michael Hall) who begins getting Facebook requests from God. The father/son relationship is further complicated because Morton’s character is a preacher, but there’s a different father/son relationship that you likely want to know more about from a certain DC Comics movie.

/Film asked Joe Morton about the status of the Cyborg movie first announced in 2014, which hasn’t had any updates in recent years. He plays Silas Stone, the scientist father of Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) who builds his son a cyborg body after Victor suffers a catastrophic accident. Morton tells us what knows about the status of the developing Cyborg movie, how the Justice League reshoots changed his story and what that could mean for the solo film. Read More »

Justice League reshoots

Justice League is now playing in theaters everywhere and if you went into the film hoping to see all of the flashy stuff on display in the multiple trailers, you might’ve been disappointed. There are numerous moments from the previews that aren’t in the final film, which, when combined with talk of the extensive reshoots that happened after Zack Snyder left and Joss Whedon took over, implies there’s a drastically version of the film floating around out there. In the wake of the film’s release, even more details about Justice League reshoots have surfaced.

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Justice League - Ray Fisher as Cyborg

New body parts aren’t the only things Cyborg is getting in Justice League.

The cybernetically enhanced member of the team will reportedly be getting a lighter tone in the Justice League reshoots that Joss Whedon is overseeing after director Zack Snyder left due to a family tragedy. Cyborg’s tone readjustment is in line with Warner Bros.’ push to for more “fun” and optimistic DC Extended Universe movies after the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman.

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