monster hunter apology

Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Monster Hunter has gotten a lot of attention in the last few days – and not the good kind. The action film opened in China last weekend and ended up being pulled from theaters due to backlash over a racist joke. Now, Anderson and co-star Jin Au-Yeung – who says the joke in the film – have issued an apology. Meanwhile, plans for the movie’s domestic release have changed – instead of opening in theaters on Christmas Day as previously announced, Monster Hunter will now arrive earlier, on December 18. And just in case you’re not sick of Monster Hunter at this point, there’s a new clip, too.

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Monster Hunter Removed from Chinese Theaters

Even though Monster Hunter isn’t slated for a theatrical release in the United States until later this month, the video game adaptation from director Paul W.S. Anderson was already playing in Chinese theaters this past weekend. Well, at least that was the plan until a joke in the movie was perceived as being racially insensitive, prompting the removal of the film from all Chinese cinemas. Read More »