Snabba Cash trailer

In 2010, Swedish director Daniel Espinosa (Safe House, Life, the upcoming Morbius movie) broke out in Hollywood with Snabba Cash (also known as Easy Money), a gritty international crime thriller starring a then-up-and-coming Joel Kinnaman. That film spawned a trilogy, and while an American remake was once in the works, that project never materialized. Instead, Netflix has picked up the baton and has crafted a slick new TV series set in that same world. Check out two trailers for the upcoming series below. Read More »

beast of burden trailer

Daniel Radcliffe just went and got himself in over his head in the Beast of Burden trailer. The film (not to be confused with the Rolling Stones song) features Radcliffe as a man pushed to extremes to help save his wife. Lots of expository dialogue follows. Watch the Beast of Burden trailer below.

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