Netflix in Early Talks to Revive ‘Jericho’

CBS’ Jericho is one of those cult series that must have been at least as well known for its passionate fanbase than for, y’know, the show itself. After just one season of disappointing ratings, the network decided to cancel the post-apocalyptic drama in May 2007 — only to be bombarded with bags of peanuts as part of an unusual fan campaign to revive the show. The ploy worked, and the show returned in early 2008. Unfortunately, despite the enthusiasm of its viewers, viewership was lower than ever, and CBS axed Jericho for good following Season 2.

Yet four years later, Netflix has noticed that its customers still seem to love the series. So much so, in fact, that the home video and streaming service has reportedly entered early talks to revive the show, much as it’s doing with Fox’s Arrested Development.

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Jericho May Return As a Theatrical Movie

Like the corpse of some sort of decomposing, shambling zombie, it looks like twice-canceled television series Jericho just refuses to stay dead. According to a recent iF magazine interview with series’ executive producer and director Jon Turtletaub, Turtletaub is in the process of developing a movie based on the TV series:
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