Ebola TV series

Ebola is kind of a big deal right now, with people in the US worried about new cases in the States, and the fact that we’re already hearing reports of health workers breaking quarantine and containment protocols. So let’s make an ebola TV series! But while an event series based around the virus might seem like opportunism, in fact producers Lynda Obst and Ridley Scott have been working to adapt Richard Preston‘s 1994 book The Hot Zone for the past year, after originally optioning the material two decades ago.  Read More »

Cary Fukunaga has quickly become one of my favorite directors thanks to his work with the tremendous Sin Nombre and the very good Jane Eyre. He has had one possible new film on deck, the Civil War heist film No Blood, No Guts, No Glory, and he has talked up other options, including  a musical. Now he has fully set up another project: he just signed to direct the sci-fi thriller Spaceless for Universal. Read More »