Three Days of the Condor TV Series

In March it was reported that Skydance Productions would be making a Three Days Of The Condor TV series, based on Sydney Pollack’s 1975 film. The original movie starred Robert Redford as a low-level CIA analyst who must find answers while dodging pursuers after his entire office cohort is murdered while he’s out at lunch. In our extensive interview with Skydance Productions CEO David Ellison and Chief Creative Officer Dana Goldberg, we asked about the small screen adaptation of Three Days Of The Condor.

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Since the demise of Image Movers Digital and the cancellation of the Yellow Submarine remake, director Robert Zemeckis has been considering several possible live-action projects. The last one we had info on is Flight, which has Denzel Washington attached to star. But while that one gets the star locked down, another script that has done the Hollywood rounds has come into his hands, and Mr. Zemeckis could make this one, Replay, before Flight.

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Ben Affleck to Direct ‘Replay’ For Warner Bros?

Ben Affleck impressed quite a few with his directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone, and his follow-up, The Town, has done quite well at the box office. So the identity of the third Ben Affleck film has become the subject of no small speculation. He was offered Tales From the Gangster Squad by Warner Bros. and passed. Now it seems as if he might revive an old project at the studio: a Jason Smilovic script called Replay, in which he could star as well. Read More »