Whether it’s his classic tuxedo or a tiny blue bathing suit, clothes are just as much of James Bond’s character as his gadgets or drink of choice. For Skyfall, the latest Bond film directed by Sam Mendes, costume designer Jany Temime worked with both star Daniel Craig and fashion designer Tom Ford on making sure that iconic look remained, but was simultaneously modern and functional.

The latest video blog for the film, which opens November 9 in the US, talks primarily about that. However, if you don’t really care about costumes, designers and tight-fitting suits, the dozen or so new scenes and locations teased in the video should be enough to spark your interest. Check out the video below. Read More »

The twenty-third James Bond film, which once again stars Daniel Craig and is directed by Sam Mendes, is called Skyfall. As it turns out, in one sense, the title has a very nearly literal implication. In the culmination of a chase scene that winds through and beneath London, the villain Silva, played by Javier Bardem, causes an explosion in a catacomb chamber underneath a London tube station. As a result, a train crashes down on Bond’s head.

Skyfall has been shooting at the massive Pinewood Studios west of London, and on the tremendous 007 stage at that location the production replicated a large section of tube tunnel and the accompanying platform, and created both the chamber in which Bond and Silva have their confrontation, and the full-size train that crashes into it.

Last week I went to Pinewood to see part of that confrontation being filmed. While Sony and EON Productions are reluctant to give too much away at this point, still six months away from the late October/early November release of the film, we learned more than a few new things about the third outing of our modern James Bond, and I’ll detail them below. Read More »