James Baxter Knows How To Train Your Dragon


Animator James Baxter has given a great interview to today’s LA Times. Coming under their Working Hollywood umbrella, the piece profiles Baxter, recounts much of his CV from Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Kung Fu Panda and beyond, and allows a peak into some of his personal working practices. For anybody remotely interest in the twin arts of hand drawn and CG rendered animation, I’d think this is a must read.

The latest project on Baxter’s slate is Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon. The only director credited against the film on IMDB is one Peter Hastings and it isn’t listed on Baxter’s page at all, and the LA Times don’t make it clear what role Baxter has on the film either but I’d surprised if he was just animating and not employed in some form of directorial capacity.

After the break, the official Dreamworks synopsis of How to Train Your Dragon – which I haven’t seen out on the loose before – and some of the best bits of Baxter’s interview.

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