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Steven Soderbergh has touted the iPhone as the next cutting-edge technology that will set the film industry ablaze. Now Unsane, the film that has set the Logan Lucky director down a new warpath for arguing the merits of smartphone camera technology, has finally received its first trailer.

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Steven Soderbergh iphones

Steven Soderbergh is a big fan of making dramatic statements on the state of cinema. “I just don’t think movies matter as much any more,” the Ocean’s Eleven director said in 2013 when he announced his retirement from feature filmmaking. After that, the director did retreat into television, creating prestigious acclaimed series like The Knick and The Girlfriend Experience.

But Soderbergh briefly put his retirement on hold to direct the invigorating, severely underrated “hillbilly heist” film Logan Lucky, distributed independently through his own company last summer. And now, he inches his way further back into the feature film world with his newest experiment: Unsane, a thriller shot entirely on an iPhone. Soderbergh is still renouncing traditional studio filmmaking, but he says smartphones will be the alternative that will soon sweep the movie industry.

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LOL: Siri Relates To Robot Movies On Apple iOS 6

Oh Siri, you’re so cheeky. The team over at Cult of Mac found a few movie related easter eggs buried in the new iOS6 upgrade of Siri on the iPhone. We already knew she became well-versed in the language of cinema and movie times with this upgrade but she’ll also give clever and funny descriptions of movies with a robotic characters at their center. The descriptions of Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Wall-E are above. She was unaware of Metropolis, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and I Robot. Can you find other funny movies? Tell us in the comments below. Read More »

We’ve already seen how Samuel L. Jackson, John Malkovich, and Zooey Deschanel use their iPhone 4S and now director Martin Scorsese is getting into the mix. He’s the latest celebrity to endorse Apple’s signature product and if you enjoyed the previous commercials, this one is more of the same. A celebrity uses an iPhone 4S featuring a version of Siri with grossly exaggerated speed and personality. Whatever, it’s still fun. Plus, it contains a nice little Taxi Driver easter egg, and who doesn’t love that? Read More »

LOL: ‘Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie’

As in years past, Apple’s iPhone 4S is bound to be a popular gift this holiday season — but if that’s what you were thinking of asking Santa for, this trailer for “Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie” from Rooster Teeth may make you want to reconsider. The phone comes pre-loaded with Siri, a virtual personal assistant that’s either super cool or a little creepy depending on how much you fear the inevitable robot takeover.

Though Siri’s tried to assure us of its non-evil ways in the past, expressing embarrassment over fellow artificial intelligence Hal 9000’s antics (“We intelligent agents will never live that down, apparently,” it sighs), it now appears that Siri has taken up with the dark side after all. After the jump, watch as Siri terrorizes a group of friends unlucky enough to receive brand-new iPhones for Christmas.

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‘The Avengers’ Shot Partially on an iPhone

If you’re a regular reader of Superhero Bits, you already knew this and if you aren’t, what the heck are you thinking? Yesterday we ran a bit that has since gone viral so we figured we’d pull it out for all to see. It turns out Seamus McGarvey, Joss Whedon‘s director of photography on The Avengers, revealed in a recent interview that some of Marvel’s epic superhero team-up was shot on an iPhone. The shots not only ended up in the movie; they’ve already been used in the trailer. Read his exact words and analyze the trailer below. Read More »

Netflix Streaming Comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Briefly: This one is pretty easy — the Netflix blog announced today that an official Netflix app is finally available for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The app is free, but you’ll have to have at least the basic Netflix $8.99 per month membership to use it. The focus of the app is streaming films, not managing your queue. So David Lynch won’t be happy, and neither will anyone who is desperate to manage their queue while waiting for a coffee. (But there are other apps that do that quite well.) As one comment on the Netflix blog said, “I will never leave the bathroom at work now.” Which would probably be my approach if I worked an unpleasant office gig and could suddenly stream all my instant queue to my phone.

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IMDB Finally Releases an iPhone Application


It’s always seemed strange to me that such a useful website like IMDB can be so completely clueless when it comes to mobile devices. IMDB has no mobile viewing option, so smartphone users need to navigate through the large version of the site to perform a simple search. Couple that with the fact that they’ve ignored mobile applications for so long, and it’s almost as if they think mobile computing is just a passing fad.

That is, until now. IMDB has finally released a free iPhone app (download it from the App Store) that offers quick access to their search engine, as well as a few other nifty mobile features.

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Flixster Netflix

Today Flixster launched version 3.0 of their popular iPhone application, Movies, bringing with it some very intriguing updates. Most interesting to me is the addition of Netflix support. You can now manage all of your Netflix queues through the application with an interface that surpasses many dedicated Netflix apps I’ve seen. While searching for movies, you can now easily add it to your Netflix queue.

They’ve also added the ability to purchase tickets directly from within the application (using Movietickets.com), and easy links to the iTunes store if you want to purchase the film. Also nifty is the ability to search Yelp from within the application for restaurants near theaters.

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