After the success of Paranormal Activity, Paramount created a small division called Insurge. The purpose of that company offshoot was to make or buy several ‘micro-budget’ films each year — essentially movies made for about a million dollars that could (hopefully) replicate some of the success of Paranormal Activity.

The first Insurge effort is this: The Devil Inside, in which a young woman named Isabella visits her mother, who has been held in what seems to be a Vatican-run institution after killing three people during an exorcism. The trailer has just hit, and it shows the film to be some combination of the now-familiar approach of the ‘found footage’ horror genre and more traditional film narrative. It also has some reasonably creepy scenes of demonic possession. (Or of great Satanic yoga poses, though I guess to some extreme fundamentalists, possession and yoga are basically the same thing.)

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In December 2009, we told you that Paramount Pictures was launching an intiative to develop of slate of ‘micro-budget’ movies, based in part on the success of Paranormal Activity. Each of these new films would have $100k to play with, and would theoretically get a theatrical release.

Now the business plan has a name, Insurge, and a few more details have been publicly revealed about Paramount’s plan. Read More »