French director Xavier Gens first made a name for himself in the horror community with Frontier(s), which premiered as part of the Toronto fest’s Midnight Madness program. He diverted into semi-mainstream fare with the very ill-fated adaptation of Hitman, then went back to more hardcore genre fare with The Divide, which hits theaters on January 13, 2012.

Now Gens is set to direct a film that will be produced by James Wan (Saw, Insidious). He’s taking over from Javier Gutierrez, who was set to direct earlier this year. The movie is House of Horror, which focuses on “a gruesome crime scene” that is the aftermath of a massacre, and will blend found footage and traditional photography. Read More »

There’s a lot happening in Berlin, where the European Film Market is officially in full swing. And it’s a good market for James Wan, who co-created Saw and directed the first film in that series, in addition to directing Dead Silence, Death Sentence (pictured above) and Insidious. (Soon to play the midnight program at SXSW.)

Now he’s got an eight-film deal with Icon, under which he will produce two films per year. He told Variety, he idea is to produce small, scary, low-budget pics that I enjoy making…I don’t see myself coming up with any romantic-dramedy ideas right now.” Most of these will be producing jobs for Mr. Wan, though he says he might direct one if things work out. The full press release, including info on the first release, House of Horror, is after the break. Read More »