Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald Honest Trailer

After Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hit theaters, fans were willing to make concessions for a wizarding world movie that was never going to be as good as the Harry Potter franchise. They were even willing to wait for the second chapter in the franchise to deliver on the potential promised by what was meant to be the first of five total films. But unfortunately, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald makes us wish that we could obliviate ourselves of this entire franchise before it’s truly began, and the folks at Honest Trailers couldn’t agree more.

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Robin Hood Honest Trailer

Hey, did you forget there was a new Robin Hood movie last year? It’s hard to keep up since it seems there’s a new version of the legendary outlaw every few years. But let’s be honest, it’s been a long time since any of them were good. And unfortunately, the latest iteration starring Kingsman: The Secret Service star Taron Egerton keeps the trend going.

The uniquely titled Robin Hood is so bad that you probably shouldn’t even accept the money Robin Hood is stealing from the rich, because he probably needs it more than you do after how badly this movie bombed at the box office. But as the Robin Hood Honest Trailer points out, that’s not even the worst part of this new take on Robin of Locksley. Read More »

A Star Is Born Honest Trailer

A Star Is Born didn’t take home as many Oscars as pundits thought it would when it was all the rage last fall. But Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga certainly stole the ceremony with their intimate and passionate performance of the remake’s signature tune “Shallow.” However, the folks at Honest Trailers can’t help but notice that this movie is pretty much Crazy Heart all over again, which is also kind of a remake of A Star Is Born. And now we have a nosebleed. Watch the A Star Is Born Honest Trailer below. Read More »

2019 Oscars Honest Trailer

This weekend brings the 91st Academy Awards to ABC, and it’s probably going to be a complete disaster. Not only is there no host for the ceremony, but The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences pissed everyone off by cutting a few awards from the live broadcast (only to reinstate them in the show). On top of that, they’ve had a real problem figuring out how the nominees for Best Original Song were going to be performed during the ceremony too.

But the Oscars are really about rewarding the greatest achievements in film from the previous year. And if we’re going to do that properly, than we need to look at each and everyone of this year’s Best Picture nominees with a new perspective. That’s where the 2019 Oscars Honest Trailer comes into play, skewering each of the eight film nominated for Hollywood’s top prize. Which one will walk away with the trophy only to get lambasted online afterwards? Read More »

How to Train Your Dragon Honest Trailer

What happens when you take a dragon and cross it with all your favorite internet cat videos? You get the adorable Toothless in the animated fantasy adventure franchise How to Train Your Dragon. Now the the final installment of the DreamWorks Animation franchise, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, is hitting theaters this week, it’s time to have Honest Trailers look back at the first two films in the franchise. They’re so good that they’ll make you forget DreamWorks Animation once made a movie where a bee fell in love with a human woman. Read More »

Happy Death Day Honest Trailer

This week brings a movie to theaters where college girl Tree Gelbman (played by Jessica Rothe) is reliving the same nightmare of a day where she not only has the worst birthday ever. But even worse is that she also keeps getting killed by someone wearing a cartoonish baby mask.

No, you’re not having déjà vu. Well, you are a little bit. Because yes, you’ve seen this movie before. It’s called Happy Death Day. But now there’s a sequel called Happy Death Day 2U, and the same thing is happening again. But it’s different this time. Somehow. Anyway, we’ll just let Honest Trailers break down the first movie for you. Read More »

bird box challenge

Netflix famously canceled Daredevil, the Marvel series about a blind superhero. But they went ahead and produced the adaptation of Josh Malerman’s novel Bird Box. Apparently it had a better chance of survival for those without the ability to see. The result was a more grisly, less subtle, subpar retread of A Quiet Place, and Honest Trailers couldn’t resist taking some jabs at the movie, even though it didn’t get a traditional home video release. Read More »

Unbreakable Honest Trailer

After The Sixth Sense and before going downhill fast with as the years went on, M. Night Shyamalan delivered one of the most grounded and gritty comic book movies of all time, and he did it before comic book movies were all the rage. Unbreakable focuses on a simple security guard named David Dunn (Bruce Willis) who slowly discovers that he has superpowers. However, as Honest Trailers illustrates, the real superpower on display in Unbreakable is the power of long, meaningful staring.

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Venom Honest Trailer

In case you didn’t hear, Venom made a stupid amount of money at the global box office to the tune of over $855 million. No matter how hard critics came down on the Spider-Man spin-off, it didn’t stop audiences from being curious enough to see how one of the webslinger’s most iconic villains worked on his own. Of course, that doesn’t mean the movie is anywhere near flawless, and the folks at Honest Trailers have plenty of jokes to make at the movie’s expense.

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Mission Impossible Fallout Honest Trailer

This past summer brought another Mission: Impossible movie to the big screen, and Tom Cruise outdid himself again with another series of incredible stunts that he performed himself. From flying his own helicopter and doing an insane HALO jump from 25,000 feet above the ground, Tom Cruise pulled out all the stops for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, and one of these days he’s going to die pulling off one of these stunts. At least that’s the prediction laid out on the table by Honest Trailers.

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