Breaking Bad Pilot Bryan Cranston

Briefly: In Holland, Michigan, the new non-doc from documentarian Errol Morris, Bryan Cranston will once again be very, very bad. We’ve seen the actor’s descent into pure human horror in Breaking Bad, and here he’ll play he’ll play another suburban dad who has big secrets.

Andrew Sodroski wrote the thriller in which a woman (Naomi Watts) believes her husband is cheating, and starts her own affair with another man (Edgar Ramirez). And while it turns out that the husband does have something to hide, it isn’t infidelity, unless you’re talking infidelity to a general moral code. The info comes from Ask Me Anything session conducted with The Act of Killing team of Joshua Oppenheimer, Werner Herzog, and Morris on Reddit, via The Wrap.

The Black List 2013

Most year-end best-of lists consist of things that have already been produced, released, and consumed. But the Black List stands apart in that it’s all about the films that haven’t come out yet. Created by Franklin Leonard and Dino Sijamic, the annual compilation shines a light on the “most liked” unproduced screenplays of each year, as voted on by hundreds of Hollywood executives.

Not all of these films will get made, let alone made well, but the Black List still serves as a good indication of what projects are being buzzed about. Last year’s list included Transcendence and RodhamDjango Unchained and Saving Mr. Banks were among the highlights the year before that. Three out of the last five Best Picture winners were Black List scripts, as were seven of the past twelve screenwriting Oscar winners. Hit the jump to read titles and descriptions for the 72 that made the cut this year.

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Briefly: Errol Morris is best known as a director of documentaries (The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War, Mr. Death), though his efforts range from commercials to television, newspaper essays, and books. He’s even released one dramatic feature, The Dark Wind, and has been working on another, Freezing People Is Easy.

Now Morris has lined up yet another non-doc feature, a thriller called Holland, Michigan. The “suburban thriller laced with black humor” was scripted by Andrew Sodroski, who hails from Boston and attended Harvard. This is his first script sale, but given that Morris has also long made his home in the Boston area, there could be prior working history between the two that hasn’t been reported. We don’t have many more details on the film, but those can wait. (And that description could so easily apply to Morris’ last film, the doc Tabloid.) Any new feature from Morris, documentary or not, is automatically of interest. [Deadline]

After the break, as a bonus, watch Errol Morris and Wener Herzog talk about the doc The Act of Killing, for which they act as exec producers. Read More »