Chris Columbus broke into the big time with a trio of fan-favorite ’80s genre/comedy scripts: Gremlins, The Goonies and The Adventures of Young Sherlock Holmes, and cemented himself as a mainstream hitmaker by directing Home Alone. In the years since, his directorial career turned into the equivalent of managing a Crate & Barrel: it makes money and your mom probably loves it, but it isn’t likely to make anyone sit up and take notice. His best moments were probably the early Harry Potter casting decisions, while recent forays back into movies with teen appeal (I Love You Beth Cooper and Percy Jackson and the Olympians) were met with shrugs.

What to make, then, of the decision to remake a goofy-looking Korean comedy with a supernatural bent? Chris Columbus has signed to produce a remake of Hello Ghost, in which a suicidal man is haunted by four ghosts who each want his help. Whether he will direct or not is unknown at this point. Read More »