Jonny Quest movie

Robert Rodriguez hosted two panels for the Television Critics Awards today on behalf of his El Rey Network, speaking about his interview series The Director’s Chair and season two of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He even showed a clip of his chat with Michael Mann about Heat. After the panel, Rodriguez stayed to answer follow-up questions, so I asked him about his plans for the live-action Jonny Quest. Read More »

Heavy Metal teaser poster

This new poster for Heavy Metal, designed by Swedish artist Killian Eng and set for release at Comic Con, doesn’t seem to have much relation to the 1981 film of the same name. The poster is fantastic (and would pair well with Eng’s great poster for Jodorowsky’s Dune) but doesn’t feature any elements of the animated anthology film. In fact, it looks a lot more like it could be a cover for an issue of the magazine from which the film drew stories, artists, and inspiration.

In truth, the current owners of Heavy Metal are looking to make a bit of a scene at Comic Con this year. This poster by Eng and Mondo is billed as the teaser for a new Heavy Metal film. And while we don’t have any details on the movie, we’ve got the Heavy Metal teaser poster below. Read More »

Robert Rodriguez may originally be from San Antonio, but Austin, TX has been his private and professional home for many years. So an appearance at the SXSW festival is to be expected, and Rodriguez did indeed show up at the film and interactive portion of the fest to talk about his upcoming projects.

Some of the filmmaker’s talk, in an extended interview, turned to his plans for the upcoming El Rey network, of which we told you not long ago. But he also dished out some plot details on Machete Kills, and said that Sin City 2 will likely shoot right on the heels of his Machete sequel. Finally, there is news that a 3D re-release of From Dusk Till Dawn is headed our way. Read More »

For some time I’ve hoped that David Fincher would really find a way to make a new version of Heavy Metal. The original animated anthology film based on or inspired by stories from Metal Hurlant/Heavy Metal magazine was released in 1981 and didn’t find a huge audience, but turned into a cult classic over time. David Fincher has talked for a few years about reviving the title for a new anthology film made with a similarly weird/anarchic/sci-fi bent and involving heavyweight directors like James Cameron and Guillermo del Toro. Seemed too good to be true. And it now looks like that plan won’t come to fruition.

Today at Comic Con Robert Rodriguez announced that he has picked up the rights to Heavy Metal, and the film may be the first effort released as part of his QuickDraw banner. Read More »

We’ve been waiting for word that the David Fincher-produced new version of Heavy Metal might actually go forward. That film, which is an update/follow-up to the animated 1981 version produced by Ivan Reitman, has a number of big directors attached (Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron, Zack Snyder, Rob Zombie, Gore Verbinski and Mark Osborne have all been mentioned) but we haven’t had a reliable update in some time. It may never happen.

But Heavy Metal fans (or Metal Hurlant fans at least, that being the name of the French magazine that gave birth to the American mag Heavy Metal) have something new to look forward to. Stories from the’70s / ’80s magazine will be brought to new life, in live-action, via a French television show. Read More »

You’ve probably noticed that there’s been a lot of David Fincher coverage in the past few days. But what can we do? He’s one of the most interesting mainstream directors working today, he’s got a good number of potential new projects, and he’s doing a lot of interviews. Sadly we’re not getting all the updates on new films in the same place, so piecemeal it is.

This time two different interviews yield a firm but not particularly encouraging update on the adaptation of Eric Powell‘s comic book Goon (not, I suppose I should clarify, the hockey comedy) and something that might be an update on the proposed new version of Heavy Metal. Read More »


Media Rights Capital is turning into a film funding juggernaut, and one of the moves the company is making is to enable name-brand directors to make new movies under their own auspices. Just earlier today we talked about the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series The Night Chronicles, which MRC has been funding.

Now David Fincher is close to signing a two-film deal with MRC to produce two films (possibly more) of a yet to be defined character. Could this be how The Goon gets made? Read More »


A new version of Heavy Metal, the 1981 animated anthology film with stories based on the comics magazine Heavy Metal (originally Metal Hurlant in France), has been batted around for the last couple years. At various points a whole laundry list of directors have been ‘confirmed’ to helm segments: David Fincher, James Cameron, Guillermo del Toro, Zack Snyder, Rob Zombie, Gore Verbinski, Mark Osborne and probably more that we’ve forgotten.

The film was dropped by Paramount in 2008, but is reportedly still kicking. David Fincher has stayed on as producer and a possible segment director, and Blur Studios, the outfit also reportedly animating the Fincher-produced The Goon, may still be involved.

Now there’s new word that the core team of Fincher, Cameron and Snyder is moving forward with the film, which will be entirely animated in 3D. Read More »


Buried in a video interview with MTV, Jack Black mentions that he and Kyle Gass, aka Tenacious D, have written a song for the new Heavy Metal movie. Which doesn’t mean that we’ll ever hear it, because the project could be perennially stuck in development hell, but the very idea of having a song in the film by the ‘D is great. Black also mentions that he’s working on a musical comedy with producer JJ Abrams. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Heavy Metal publisher Kevin Eastman has announced that the upcoming Heavy Metal animated film might end back up at Paramount. The movie studio’s backstage disagreement with David Fincher over the length of Benjamin Button’s running time supposedly resulted in Heavy Metal’s departure. But it looks like everything has been patched up. Eastman has also announced the line-up of directors attached to helm segments for the animated film:

Zack Snyder, David Fincher, Gore Verbinski

Eastman writes “there’s more on the director front — but I’ll hold off to share more with you shortly.” The feature is scheduled to include four or five segments, and is being envisioned as an adult-themed R-rated film. The original 1981 film was also an anthology of sci-fi and fantasy stories adapted from the Heavy Metal magazine. The magazine and the film are known for their overuse of bloody violence, nudity and sexuality.