six years

Calling all dads and fans of airport paperbacks! David Ayer is bringing Harlan Coben‘s Six Years to Netflix. Ayer will direct the adaptation of Coben’s novel about a college professor searching for a woman from his past who has gone missing. Ayer is no stranger to working with Netflix, having directed the Will Smith movie Bright for them. He also wrote the Bright sequel, but is handing directorial duties on that over to Louis Leterrier.

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Briefly: Hugh Jackman is coming off a wave of good press for Les Miserables, has The Wolverine releasing this year, and is shooting Prisoners now before going on to work with Bryan Singer for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

And now he’s got another starring project lined up, as Paramount has picked up the rights to bestselling author Harlan Coben‘s novel Six Years. The book is not yet published, but Paramount just grabbed the rights, and former Fox head Tom Rothman may produce with Mark Gordon.

Jackman would play Jake Fisher, “who watched the love of his life, Natalie, marry another man. Six years have passed when Jake comes across the other man’s obituary. He resolves to attend the funeral, hoping to catch a glimpse of Natalie. But the mourning widow is not Natalie, throwing all of his past memories with the woman into question.”

No writer or director is set for the project at this point. The book hits shelves on March 19. [THR]


The 2006 French film Tell No One was a critical and audience favorite. Based on Harlan Coben‘s novel of the same name, the picture follows the story of a doctor who becomes embroiled in a multi-layered murder mystery scenario. The original film is a great piece of work that comes highly recommended. Which means, of course, that another version is in the offing.

Word of a remake has floated around for some time. Two years ago remake rights went to Focus and Miramax, and then shifted entirely to Focus. At that point Andrew Dominik was writing a new version that was said to rework some details of the story, but in a way that was never revealed. Now it looks as if Ben Affleck might direct a film that is somewhere between a new adaptation of the novel and a remake of the film spawned from it, based on a totally different new script. Read More »