Earlier today it was confirmed that Robert Rodriguez would be developing/directing a reboot of Predator titled Predators. We speculated that Rodriguez’s next film would be the futuristic action thriller Nerveracker which has an announced 2010 release date, but Variety reports that Rodriguez will be returning to the Grindhouse before he goes to the future.

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Star Wars Grindhouse: Don’t Go In The Endor Woods won the 2008 Star Wars Fan Film Award for best parody. ” Ewoks – they’re cute and they’re cuddly, but boy can they be sick little bastards.” Check it out after the jump.
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“You could have used a scantily pic.”

Actress Rose McGowan tells MTV that “I’ve got part of a spaceship built for me!” In other words, she’s the pale, titular character in Robert Rodriguez‘s big budget remake of Barbarella and the doubters can eat cake. We’ve known about her attachment to the role made famous by a pin-up era Jane Fonda for eons now, but last year rumors persisted that Universal wasn’t copacetic with her casting. Not so, she says. The only obstacle blocking her kitschy spaceship from flight is the looming possibility of a SAG strike…

“Half of the sets have been built. The costumes are done,” McGowan confessed. …[‘Barbarella’] wouldn’t be able to be finished before June which is when the next strike might happen,” McGowan said of delays in the face of a possible SAG strike. “It’s a longer shoot.”

She calls the rumors (and tabloid gossip) about a beef with Universal bollocks…

“[The news that I was out] was really irritating because I know all the people over there and obviously it wasn’t true. It was very malicious and there was no proof,” McGowan said of the rumors. “Oftentimes these things have basis in truth but this didn’t. I have contracts to prove it.”

Will her and her mate’s remake surpass the original, a movie that teenagers are probably as familiar with as the identity of Spinderella? She gives a big “very.”

“The original doesn’t have a lot to go on plot-wise. It’s one thing to do a remake of something that could have been much better storywise even if it was fantastic visually. It’s another thing to remake something flawless,” McGowan said. “That way if yours isn’t that good at least yours is better than that one.”

So what do you think? Can this flick work? Execs have to be haunted by the dreadful performance and reception to female-lead genre movies like Elektra and Catwoman, both of which had bigger stars. And camp is really hard to sell. This could easily be Perm: The Movie to a lot guys if it doesn’t connect in terms of special effects and sex appeal. Overall: bad vibes.

Cool Stuff: Movie Toys at Toy Fair 2008


A ton of cool movie-related action figures were revealed at the 2008 Toy Fair in New York City this weekend. Check out some photos of the cooler toys after the jump thanks to, ActionFigureInsider, and BloodyDisgusting.

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Machete Poster


Numerous sites are reporting that the following poster is A.) new; B.) significant proof that Robert Rodriguez‘s straight-to-DVD Machete movie is moving forward or completed; C.) proof that, in hindsight, Grindhouse was the scuzzy masterpiece promised to us; D.) wall-worthy.

Unlike the SAT, all of these bubble answers are wrong, even D.), which is wrong by default because you’d have to trek into the mall and into the store, the one where 12-year-olds “buy” Doc Martens and Sex Pistols piggy banks, to purchase the Machete poster to hang on your wall. Unless you waited outside of the mall for it to come to you, in which case, we’ll count D.) and you can proceed to university in Awesomeville. View the poster in digital form and then consider practicing your rusty noogie technique after the jump…

Update: 010101. This is the /Film Hunterbot. 0101. I cleanup after Hunter human’s inferior, convoluted human style. 01010 The Machete poster below serves the promotional purposes of a motion picture called Grindhouse and not a separate Machete motion picture as many Internet websites incorrectly posted yesterday. 0101. A human interested in purchasing the Machete poster to hang on a wall will need to enter a store called Hot Topic. 010101. The human called Hunter does not believe this to be a valid option fo humans aged 12 and over. 010101. Like Hunter human, Hunterbot did not like Grindhouse, either, but liked three of four of the motion picture’s trailers. 0101010101001. Hunterbot’s favorite book is Microserfs by Douglas Coupland. 0101101. Hunterbot will gladly take Hunter human’s position at /Film. 01010. ‘Kay? 010.

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Cool Stuff: Japanese 6-Disc Grindhouse DVD Box Set

Grindhouse Japanese PosterGrindhouse is one of my favorite movies of 2007 (list hopefully upcoming) but have yet to buy Planet Terror or Death Proof on DVD. Because like most fans, I envisioned the experience as a double header, and don’t want to get screwed with a couple single releases. Well the expected super duper special edition box set is about to come out on March 21st 2008… in Japan.

I found the six disc box set on for 9.975 yen, which roughly translates into $65 American before shipping. No/All Region DVD player required. Box art isn’t available yet, the poster to the right was a Japanese one-sheet.

Here is the information on what is included in the set:
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Thanksgiving t-shirt and Poster

“Arrive hungry…leave stuffed.”

Eli Roth‘s movie trailer for a fake horror movie titled Thanksgiving was one of the most talked about parts of Grindhouse. Even the outspoken crowd of Roth-bashers seemed to like Roth’s hilarious take on the Holiday slasher flicks. Ever since Thanksgiving hit theaters, Roth has been fielding requests from fans for a feature length version of the idea. And while I’m not sure that’s a good idea (I think the trailer works because it is a series of greats slasher movie money shots, and like most great SNL sketches, wouldn’t translate to a 90+ minute movie), but Roth has promised a second helping of Thanksgiving in his upcoming Trailer Trash feature. Roth says “Why make a whole movie when you can just go film the best parts?” And I completely agree. But NECA Toys have plans to release some Thanksgiving merchandise for the interested fans.

“The first step towards turning a fake trailer into a real movie is to convince the unsuspecting public that it actually exists, and what better way to do that than with a Thanksgiving t-shirt and poster of the Dan Frisch turkey?? They will be for sale at Hot Topic,” says Roth. “We’re planning on doing more stuff, including action figures, depending on what the demand is. And who knows? It may even turn into a real movie one day…”

If you don’t live near a Hot Topic you can buy both the t-shirt and poster off the Hot Topic Website.

Kill Bill Japan PosterEver since we first saw Kill Bill: Volume 1 and 2, we wondered what it would be like to see the whole movie together like Quentin Tarantino had originally intended. A special edition dvd release was promised, but never released. And in the wake of the Grindhouse failure, I only assumed that the studio would stay away from releasing a four hour plus movie, even on DVD.

Thankfully I was wrong. currently lists a November 6th 2007 street date for a 4-disc, 247-minute Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair DVD set.

Digital Bits also reports that “Grindhouse Presents Death Proof” is listed as a September 18th street date. No word on Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, although we would assume they would be released at the same time to minimize advertising costs. We also assume that this release will be a bare-bones single disc version, with a big hunking special edition of each film coming next year. Hey, they have to try to recoup their costs somehow, and The Weinstein Co already know we’re stupid enough to buy the same movie 2 or 3 times.

Sin CityWith Sin City 2 in some kind of delayed limbo — some people speculate that the film is stuck in the same place that Captain Jack found himself at the beginning of Pirates 3. So I’m not exactly sure how credible this is, but Frank Miller has told MTV that he is also planning to film Sin City 3.

The story would concentrate on Miller’s “Hell and Back”, about a hallucinating artist named Wallace (a part rumored to be written for Johnny Depp). As for Sin City 2, Miller says “There was just some problems above us that I don’t understand… that I don’t really want to understand.” Wonder what that means. Wonder if this has anything to do with the failure of Grindhouse…

“Robert and I have a script and we’re all raring to go. We’re aching to get started,” Miller said. “I want to work with that crew again…that wonderful cast.”

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Grindhouse Put On Hold

Grindhouse PosterDue to the mediocre American box office take, The Weinstein Co have decided to put the film’s U.K. release temporarily on hold.

According to FilmJunk, the Weinsteins and U.K. distributor Momentum Pictures have decided to regroup and figure out the best possible strategy for release. The film was scheduled to hit theaters on June 1st 2007. I’m guessing that the new plan is to release both films individually, rather than in the double feature format that has taken most of the blame for the U.S. failure. If this happens, it will be interesting to see the results.