An Uncanny Similarity Between Mad Men and The Office


When the season finale of Mad Men was over, there was a minor tinge of déjà vu that I couldn’t immediately pin down. Hours later, it occurred to me that one of the major twists in the finale shared several fun similarities to The Office (Scranton Branch). In fact, up until the epiphany, I had never considered Don Draper to be every bit the serious, hip and fair boss that Michael Scott is delighted to find in the mirror each morning when he combs back his hair. As is /Film’s reader friendly policy, spoilers ahead

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Greg Daniels on The Future of The Office


Most fans of The Office (Scranton, USA) are simply stoked and relieved that Pam and Jim are finally making it happen, so a longer glimpse down the halls of the NBC series might seem verboten. Nevertheless, series creator and writer, Greg Daniels, recently chimed in on the future of the most aloof branch of Dunder-Mifflin…
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Aziz Ansari Joins The Office Spin-Off

We don’t post a lot of TV news but we couldn’t let this kidney stone of bananas pass us by. Aziz Ansari of the Human Giant clan (and fellow /Film reader) has joined NBC‘s spin-off to The Office. Ansari is the first cast member to be announced for the top-secret comedy series. At this point it’s believed that the cast will consist of an all new line-up, though rumors persist about the involvement of Rashida Jones, who played Karen Filippelli, Jim’s ex-flame, on the original U.S. series. Yes, that’s the first “ex-flame” I’ve ever typed.

What’s more, the super-talented Paul Feig of Freaks and Geeks fame just boarded the show’s writing staff, which includes Dan Goor (Conan O’Brien, The Daily Show), Alan Yang (South Park), and Charlie Grandy (SNL, The Daily Show). Nice. Executive producers Michael Shur and Greg Daniels say they’re still deciding on a premise for the untitled show, set to premiere after next year’s Superbowl and thereafter in the timeslot following the ongoing trials of Jim, Pam and Michael. Yeah, you could say we’re excited…in advance. And congrats to Ansari.

In other TV news, the new season of Weeds premieres this Monday on Showtime, while the hotly anticipated second season of Mad Men premieres July 27th on AMC.

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