Grand Theft Auto Tron

Today is going to be a long day, as we wait for the 2016 election results to be tabulated, so it’s nice to know that we can go release some stress by taking advantage of a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online today. Some of you out there maybe haven’t played Grand Theft Auto V in awhile, but this update just might get some of you back online for a bit.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Deadline is a new update that adds some new gameplay features which basically make it feel like you’re playing the game on The Grid in TRON. Get a taste of the Grand Theft Auto TRON shenanigans after the jump. Read More »

Star Destroyer in Grand Theft Auto V

Not unlike trailer mash-ups and supercuts, there are plenty of video game modifications out there for those who choose to do their gaming on computers. Specifically, Grand Theft Auto has seen some awesome mods that have brought the Iron Man suit to GTA V and the Back to the Future DeLorean time machine to GTA IV.

But few mods bring something as big as this into the video game world. Gamer Justin Lewis (aka “JJxORACLE”) from Arterius Modding has created a mod that lets gamers fly an Imperial Star Destroyer in Grand Theft Auto V. And we’re not talking about a scaled down Star Destroyer. We’re talking about a massive starship cruising over Los Santos. Read More »

The Gamechangers trailer

One of the most controversial video game franchises ever made is Rockstar Games’ super violent Grand Theft Auto. Few games have drawn the vitriol of various organizations against violence in video games in the name of just wanting to keep the kids safe. Now the story of how the game was created, and the protests that followed, will be told on the big screen.

The BBC is behind a TV movie called The Gamechangers starring Harry Potter franchise lead Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser, who found himself in a battle with Christian lawyer Jack Thompson (Bill Paxton) as Thompson tried to shut down the production of the Grand Theft Auto video games. Watch The Gamechangers trailer after the jump! Read More »

Grand Theft Auto Iron Man mod

Even though the newest edition of Grand Theft Auto is always something that gets people excited, like any other video game, it gets old after awhile. Sometimes not even expansion packs can make it much more exciting.

However, there are gamers out there who are much more skilled with computers than the average gamer, and they craft some pretty awesome mods to be thrown into a game like Grand Theft Auto V. For example, JulioNIB, who has been creating mods for the video game franchise for a few years now, has been working in an Iron Man suit that allows you to fly around Los Santos, shooting repulsor beams from the character’s hands and chest.

Watch the Grand Theft Auto Iron Man mod after the jump! Read More »


Whenever a new installment of the popular, violent video game franchise Grand Theft Auto is released, gamers marvel at the graphics, realism and gameplay (even though the latter is pretty much always the same). And as video game graphics continue to improve with each next generation gaming console, we’re getting closer and closer to copying the real-world in video game form.

But until we reach that point, Corridor Digital has delivered a real-life version of Grand Theft Auto in a short film that takes the visual style and gameplay point of view of the game and applies it to a live-action short film. It’s thorough and impressive. Watch the real life Grand Theft Auto short film after the jump! Read More »

Bill Paxton in Grand Theft Auto

Game over, man! The Grand Theft Auto movie just got weirder, and perhaps more awesome. The BBC production features Daniel Radcliffe as Sam Houser, aka one half of the sibling duo that has guided Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto series to video game domination.

The film’s story revolves around a specific period in the company’s history, when Rockstar and GTA were under fire from firebrand Florida attorney Jack Thompson. And now we’ll see Bill Paxton in Grand Theft Auto as Jack Thompson, going a long way towards ensuring that we’ll be unable to look away from the BBC Films production. Read More »

Sam Houser Movie

Rockstar Games co-founder and president Sam Houser has long been using movies as fodder for his games — the Grand Theft Auto series, for which he has served as chief creative force for many years, is saturated with film influences. Now Houser, who generally shies away from the spotlight, will be the subject of a film.

Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to play Houser in Grand Theft Auto, which will chronicle one particularly odd period in the game designers life, when Rockstar came under attack from Florida lawyer Jack Thompson. Read More »

It’s such a simple idea. Nintendo’s Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi, are Italian. They fight to save Peach from a formidable organized mob. Put two and two together and you have The Brothers Mario, a 4 plus minute trailer that takes the familiar Super Mario Bros. story and reimagines it through the violence, graphics and game play of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series.

Directed by The Country Club, Nathan Kitada and Aaron T. Umetani, not only does this video include all of your favorite Mario references – coins, mushrooms, one-ups, etc. – but even throws in references to several famous action and gangster movies. We’ll let you discover those for yourself. You’ve got to see this video after the jump. Read More »

When the 3D animation company, Image Metrics, showed a promo video entitled The Emily Project at last month’s SIGGRAPH conference in L.A. it was only a matter of time before the buzz spilled online. As impressively demonstrated in the clip here—you see, Emily isn’t “real”—the company’s patented “Markerless” 3D facial animation technology is being touted as quicker, cheaper and altogether superior to the traditional motion-capture method used in many Hollywood films.

When we first started working on Emily, our goal was to create an exact replica of the real actress Emily O’Brien. Why? Because there was no other way to determine how close we had come to reality if we did not replicate a “real” person.

Unlike motion-capture, which uses “marks” on an actor’s face and body to produce an avatar as seen in numerous special features over the years, this process uses pre-recorded video and simply maps over it. At present, the company has worked primarily on video games, notably MGS 3, GTA IV and other Rockstar titles, but its interest and presence in feature films is on the increase (see 2007’s Harry Potter installment).

Let us know what you think of the video and the technology. For more videos, visit YouTube.

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Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto PosterBecause everyone has been wondering, Nikki Finke explains why Hollywood probably won’t make Grand Theft Auto: The Movie.  In its first week, Grand Theft Auto IV sold approximately 6 million copies worldwide and grossed over $500 million, more than most movies make theatrically. So it seems only logical that Hollywood would be interested in bringing the the controversial video game series to the mainstream. As it turns out, Fox Atomic actually owns the rights to “Grand Theft Auto”, but not a film based on the game. Atomic is developing a remake of the Ron Howard directed / Roger Corman produced film with the same name from 1977. And by “developing”, we mean that it is one of hundreds of projects that Fox Atomic has sitting around waiting for a screenwriter.

And I’ve never heard this before, but Finke claims that a legal settlement dictates that Fox can’t make a video game out of the Ron Howard film, and more importantly, Rockstar isn’t allowed to make a feature film based on their video game series. And as much as fans of the game would love to see a big screen movie, I’m not sure that it could capture the free-roaming magic of the game. Besides, many aspects of the game series are closely inspired by the classic mob films. I even remember reading interviews with Rockstar where they admit this obvious fact. What’s to stop a big screen adaptation of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Grand Theft Auto 4 from feeling like a Scarface rip-off?