good boys clip exclusive

Good Boys arrives on digital today and Blu-ray in November, and in honor of that release, we’re sharing an exclusive clip. Go behind-the-scenes of the hit raunchy comedy and find out just what it is that makes those Good Boys so darn good. The clip is pulled directly from the many special features packed onto the Blu-ray and release, giving you yet another excuse to support physical media. Watch the Good Boys clip below.

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IT Chapter 2 Box Office

Pennywise missed all of you, but it sounds like you missed him just as much, despite his penchant for murdering children and adults alike. It Chapter 2 arrived in theaters this past weekend and totally scared away the competition with an opening weekend haul of $91 million in the United States. The second place film, Angel Has Fallen, could only muster up $6 million, which Pennywise would surely laugh at while chomping on some popcorn and a small boy’s arm. Find out the rest of the weekend box office numbers below. Read More »

weekend box office good boys

It took almost the entire summer, but a comedy finally found its way to the top of the box office. The raunchy Good Boys ended up winning the weekend, coming in first and knocking Hobbs and Shaw to number 2. But since Universal owns both Good Boys and Hobbs and Shaw, they still came out ahead. The biggest loser of the weekend box office was the Richard Linklater flick Where’d You Go, Bernadette, which was never going to be a blockbuster to begin with but still underperformed.

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Good Boys trailer

Most interviews are a little nerve-racking. If you do enough of them, the butterflies in the tummy tend to only pop up on special occasions, but you’re always just a tad on edge because there’s a lot of uncertainty. What if the interview subjects are tired? What if the questions you’ve thought up and think are pretty good turn out to be the same crap they’ve heard a hundred times that day?

That uncertainty doubles when you’re talking to kids. Anything can happen! They could give you one sentence answers or they can go the opposite way and go crazy but not really answer anything. I’ve experienced both over my time doing this and I’m pleased to say the cast of Good Boys struck a nice balance between being little professionals and also still kids that are excited to talk about the fun time they had.

It was an odd experience, though, because in front of me there were the three stars of the movie, Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams as well as writer Lee Eisenberg and writer/director Gene Stupnitsky and behind me there were easily a dozen moms, dads and extended families of the kids I was talking to. So, I had an audience.

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good boys featurette

The kids aren’t all right in Good Boys, but the adults aren’t much better. A new Good Boys featurette introduces us to the grown-ups of the Gene Stupnitsky comedy starring Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams as a trio of three sixth-graders who get in over their heads after getting invited to a “kissing party.” Along the way, they run into all sorts of obstacles, including a few familiar faces in the comedy world. Meet the grown-ups in the new Good Boys featurette below.

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good boys clips

In the upcoming raunchy comedy Good Boys, the movie’s Bean Bag Boys (Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams) are dealing with your average childhood problems: learning how to kiss, playground bullies, getting rid of drugs, and stealing beer. You know, just your normal day in the life of three foul-mouthed middle schoolers. But the three titular good boys are going to learn that no matter how crazy their day can be, they can get through it as long as they have friends — a concept that Universal is leaning on with their “Wednesday Friendsay” advance screening of the Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg-produced comedy. Watch the red band Good Boys clips below.

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Good Boys Red Band Trailer

The raunchy side of comedy is usually reserved for the likes of high school and college. But the next generation is growing up faster and faster these days, and kids in middle school can be total jerks. That’s why we’re not surprised that Superbad writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have taken a nasty dive into adolescence by producing the R-rated comedy Good Boys. And it’s clear that the movie’s Bean Bag Boys (Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams) are not ready for everything growing up has to offer, especially when it involves, drugs, parties, and totally misunderstanding sex. Read More »

good boys trailer

Good Boys is bringing the raunch comedy down to Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams‘ level…which is about 4 and a half feet? But size isn’t an indication of humor, because the pint-sized middle schoolers of the SXSW hit have plenty of outrageously inappropriate jokes to share in the official new Good Boys trailer. Watch it below.

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Good Boys review

There is, despite countless American Pie and Road Trip spin-offs arguing otherwise, an art to shaping R-rated comedies. Rawdog raunchiness and “F-bombs” alone don’t equate to laugh-a-minute genius.

Take a movie like Good Boys. Gene Stupnitsky’s hilarious adolescent comicality boasts heart, message, and humor in the precisely right places. Lesser creators would’ve leaned heavily on cursing “tweens” thinking with their pre-pubescent naughty parts, yet Stupnitsky and co-writer Lee Eisenberg dare to focus on a heartwarming story about coming of age with sixth-grade understanding, and then fill in the anecdotal kinky playthings and pornography gags. Read More »

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