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In this edition, Patrick (H) Willems provides a guide to pop music needle drops in movies, from The Graduate to Boogie Nights and many more in between. Plus, stuntmen react to impressive fights and action sequences in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Red Cliff, Warrior, and more. And finally, Casey Affleck takes a look back at his most memorable characters, including Manchester by the Sea and Gone Baby Gone. Read More »

Best Movies Streaming Right Now Free Solo

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)

Need something to stream today, this weekend, or even beyond? Good, you’ve come to the right place. This week, we have a nerve-wracking documentary; one of the best Scorsese/DiCaprio collaborations; a bunch of burly men firing guns; some wonderful Gerard Butler trash; a creepy kid; a one-room thriller; a tradionally animated epic; a kind-hearted family film; and more!  These are the best movies streaming right now. Let’s get streaming!

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gone baby gone tv pilot

More than a decade after the release of the feature film adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s best-selling novel, Gone Baby Gone, Fox has ordered a pilot for a TV series adapting the story of working class Boston detectives investigating a young girl’s kidnapping.

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Ben Affleck

Before Ben Affleck becomes Batman, he’s getting his own Mondo poster series. The company just revealed they’ve got a new series of limited edition prints coming up, based on the director’s previous films Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo. Here’s what the actor/director said about the company:

I’ve always loved Mondo and their passion for film, as well as their talented stable of artists. I was initially drawn by their ability to offer a unique perspective on so many beloved films and am thrilled to see my films become the newest additions to their work.

While we love the blockbuster and cult films the company usually targets, immortalizing Affleck’s small dramas feels likes a smart, surprising departure. Check out the images below. Read More »

Ben Affleck talks Gone Baby Gone

Ben Affleck in DetailsBen Affleck talks candidly about his upcoming feature film directorial debut Gone Baby Gone in Details Magazine:

“It’s pretty simple. If people don’t go see it – I’m fucked,” admits Affleck. “I feel like (Gone Baby Gone) is the linchpin for my life. My career. I have a lot riding on it. I want [the film] to work. Badly. I mean, a shitty movie comes out on 2,800 screens? I’ve been there and it’s embarrassing.” “Listen, I’ve gone out and directed a movie and made it really f-king good. If the movie’s good, people will like it and go see it. All the rest of it is bullshit.”

I’ve seen Gone Baby Gone, and it is (as of this moment) on my list of the top 10 films of 2007. It’s an amazing film, never-mind an incredible first film. Hopefully it finds an audience.

Five Gone Baby Gone Video Clips

Gone Baby Gone

Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone is nothing short of one of this year’s best. It’s a great film, with a few unexpected twists. Ed Harris easily earns an Oscar Nomination before your eyes, and I think this might be Casey Affleck’s breakout role. Our friends at Collider have five clips from this amazing film. Check them out, and mark this movie on your calendar (October 19th).

Gone Baby Gone Behind the Scenes

Entertainment Weekly has published a bunch of behind the scenes photos from upcoming fall movies. The above photo is from Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone. Ben consults with star and brother Casey Affleck about his upcoming scene. We’re really excited to see this film. I loved Mystic River, and have always followed Affleck’s career closely.

I find it really strange that this film is not showing at any of the fall festivals. I was really looking forward to checking it out at Toronto. Last week someone sent a sneak peak review to AintItCool, here is in excerpt:

This film is very good. It’s beautifully shot, and Older Affleck uses his locations to the fullest. For a first major directorial venture it’s put together well, and doesn’t drag. The ending is a great example of a cinematic exhalation of breath (you’ll see what I mean). Ed Harris steals the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a nod from the little naked golden man for this one. If this is an indication of his skills, I’d like to see more from Affleck. He has pace, shots, and construction down.

Gone Baby Gone hits theaters on October 19th.

Gone, Baby Gone Title

We’ve made it very clear that we’re extremely excited to see Ben Affleck’s feature directorial debut Gone, Baby, Gane. The trailer looks amazing, Kevin Smith says it’s “a total award contender.” Miramax has provided us with the film’s theatrical movie poster and two new production photos. I love the tagline “Everyone wants the Truth… Until they find it.” And the Boston skyline is not on enough posters. Check out the new photos and poster after the jump.

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Last week we posted the movie trailer for Ben Affleck’s directional debut Gone, Baby, Gone. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. We wrote that the film looked like it had award potential. It looks extremely promising. Well the first mini-review is in, and it’s over the top positive. Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith has seen the film and loved it. Sure, Smith is best buds with Affleck, so chances are this is extremely biased. But heck, we’re going to run Smith’s quote anyways.

“I’ve seen the flick twice and it’s awesome. Total awards contender,” Smith wrote on his website. The writer/director later said on the Film Freak radio show: “It’s one of those movies where you watch and you’re like [groan] First time out? He made a better movie than I’ve ever made. That jerk! And he’s easier to look at, richer, I hate him so much! But it’s a really great flick.”

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

The following is an editorial by /Film correspondent Zach Lawrence.

Ben Affleck

Like many of you Slashfilm enthusiasts out there, I have just read the article on Gone Baby Gone by Peter Sciretta, and watched the cool trailer. While he makes all the right points in all the right places, he lacks a few aspects to what I like to call the “mythology of Ben Affleck”. You see, some time ago at the end of the “Bennifer” era, and with the barrage of shoddy films Affleck had been releasing he went into hiding. Some people are fan boys for Star Wars or Transformers, but being from Boston I had happened to be an Affleck Fan boy, and this vanishing of my hero hit me hard.

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