God of War Lessons

Let me start by saying that the latest installment of God of War is one of the greatest games I have ever played. And by the reactions on some of my favorite gaming outlets, I am not alone. Just as Game of Thrones has accumulated fans across all genre preferences, there seems to be something about this new take on an old popular series that distinguishes it amongst the pack, and transcends people’s typical gaming biases.

About halfway through the game, I realized something even greater: God of War is perhaps one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. More specifically, it is one of the greatest cinematic recreations of mythology. While novels and comic books inspire some of the most award-winning and highest grossing films of all time, mythology seems to be an Achilles’ Heel in the adaptation-happy town of Hollywood. Time and time again, films like Gods of Egypt, Exodus: Gods and Kings, and Clash of the Titans, to name a few, have taken some of the richest stories and characters in human history and reduced them to little more than emotionless, culturally inaccurate, CGI money-grabs.

So, what can Hollywood learn from this action-packed, mythologically based game that succeeded where so many movies have failed? Let’s talk about it. And I’ll keep it as spoiler-free as possible.

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Writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have the unenviable task of adapting Sony’s hit video game, God of War, for the big screen. The series centers on a badass named Kratos, a former Spartan general who loses everything, becomes an immortal killer and vows revenge against the Gods. Think Gladiator meets Clash of the Titans with a mega 300 scope.

In fact, the existence of those films forced Melton and Dunstan to come at the story in a completely different way and, in a new interview, not only do they discuss how they’re approaching the film, they break down a few of the major beats in the script. Read their quotes and ideas after the jump. Read More »

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have long since been the runaway success story of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s highly underrated HBO show Project Greenlight. The pair were on the third season and wrote Feast, which lead them to write Saw IV through VII, a couple other movies and most recently, a draft of Guillermo Del Toro’s epic Pacific Rim. That jump from horror to action has now helped them get a huge follow-up gig. They’ll be writing God of War, based on the popular Sony video gameDavid Self (Road to Perdition, The Wolfman) wrote the first draft and will executive produce for Universal. Read more below. Read More »

Back in May 2008, rumors ran wild that Brett Ratner might direct a big screen adaptation of the popular video game series God of War. I hope to never see Ratner’s vision come to fruition, and thankfully we haven’t heard much about the film adaptation since. Gamervision has decided to create a trailer for a God of War movie, but the twist is that is done in a indie film style reminiscent of Wes Anderson. Watch the faux trailer now embedded after the jump.

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Brett Ratner Confirmed to Direct God Of War?

Back in May, rumors ran wild that Brett Ratner might be directing a big screen adaptation of the popular video game series God of War. Bad news for video game fans, today’s MGM press release for the Robocop reboot contained the following juicy tidbit:

“David Self’s credits include 13 Days and Road To Perdition.  He wrote God of War for Universal, to which Brett Ratner is attached to direct, and was a writer on Universal’s Wolfman currently in production.”

Is this official confirmation that Ratner is officially attached to the project? We hope not.

/Filmcast Episode 2 – Rambo

In this episode of the /Filmcast, Dave, Devindra, Adam, and Peter, debate the merits of Sex and the City, lament the Universal fire, pore over the Lost finale, and discuss the nihilistic themes of Rambo. Special guest Myles McNutt joins us from Cultural Learnings and Alex Billington joins us from Firstshowing. Have any questions/comments/suggestions? Feel free to e-mail us at slashfilmcast@gmail.com.

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“Peace sign or eye gouge?”

Before we begin, there is something you must know about Brett Ratner. Similar to the combination of gremlins and water, when the moon is right and Ratner applies baby powder to his ass, out pop multiple epic-ly shitty movies. Tonight, it was thick. The trades are reporting that Ratner is attached to direct a Beverly Hills Cop 4 starring Eddie Murphy as Mr. Squirrel Axl Foley, the smooth talking, wisecracking character last seen with a gun near a Ferris wheel. Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the first two, isn’t getting on board, but Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, Doom) has taken the ticket to see this ride, opening summer 2010, through for Paramount. Something tells me the only thing separating Ratner’s BHC4 from Metro 2 will be a lack of cornrows and, perhaps, Judge Reinhold.

This announcement sumo wrestles with an earlier report in Ad Age about Brett Ratner Brands, a new marketing/consulting firm he’s starting. [Shudder] His first client is Guitar Hero, and tacked on at the end, it says that Ratner mentioned he “might be working on a movie adaptation of the video game God of War” for Sony. I’m sure some of our readers are pissed. The hit vid game adventure franchise has received wide critical/fanboy acclaim for an engrossing and violent storyline/aesthetic entrenched in Greek mythology; it’s generally agreed that GoW has cinematic and box office potential along the lines of Metal Gear Solid. Inside word is that Ratner’s involvement is extremely loose right now, so don’t obsess over the premature mediocre visions that melt inside your head. However, Ratner will definitely be moving into Uwe Boll’s territory in the future. Death match of the lessers!?!

Earlier we reported that Robert Downey Jr. may star as American publishing legend, Hugh Hefner, in a biopic entitled Playboy. Ratner’s been involved with this one for quite some time, and while it’s not official that he’ll direct, it’s generally assumed he will if Downey signs on. Ratner confirms to EW that he’s met with the Iron Man star, they’re both enthusiastic about the project, and it all depends on his response to the script…

“We’re gonna hand him the script very shortly. He loves the character and the role and we’ve been meeting with him on it. So, if he wants to do it, we’re excited to have him. We wanted him before Iron Man so we were ahead of the curve.”

Personally, I think Ratner was born to direct the Hef biopic. Glitzy Hollywood stories and semi-annual Chris Tucker comedies suit him perfectly. Okay, you can put away your ponchos. That’s all the Ratner news we’ll expose you to for now.

Discuss: While we’re at it, why doesn’t Ratner just combine BHC4 and Rush Hour 4? Who’s the audience for Beverly Hills Cop 4 in 2010 anyway? Who should direct God of War? Are we too easy on the guy?

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