This past summer Spectral was scheduled to open in theaters. If the movie wasn’t on your radar, that’s understandable. We’ve seen few promotional materials and the film never actually made it to theaters.

The sci-fi action movie pits James Badge Dale (13 Hours, pictured above) and Emily Mortimer (Shutter Island) against supernatural forces. Nic Mathieu‘s 3D film has been described as Black Hawk Dawn with supernatural forces — an enticing mashup that Netflix, not Universal, will release next month.

Below, learn the Spectral release details.

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Matthew Vaughn Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon, the sci-fi comic strip hero who became the focal point of a movie serial that influenced Star Wars, and was revived in a 1980 film, is returning once again. Fox is putting together a new film, and now Matthew Vaughn is in talks to direct Flash Gordon. We’ve got a basic rundown of the developing Matthew Vaughn Flash Gordon deal below. Read More »

Bruce Lee biopic

The Bruce Lee biopic called Birth of the Dragon has been in development for a little over a year and now just nabbed a very interesting director. George Nolfi, who wrote and directed The Adjustment Bureau and also wrote Ocean’s Twelve and The Bourne Ultimatum, will direct the film. Birth of the Dragon uses the story of Lee’s real-life fight with a most famous Kung Fu master as a jump off to tell his rise to international superstardom. Read More »

From the moment Disney announced its intentions to create a new Star Wars trilogy, one of the big questions has been which filmmaker might get a crack at the iconic franchise. But the directors themselves are fans, too, and even as we’ve been arguing which of them should get the job, many of them are just going through the same emotions we are — surprise, concern, excitement. Hit the jump read their thoughts.

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After making his feature directorial debut on last year’s The Adjustment Bureau, George Nolfi is lining up his sophomore effort. Nolfi has just signed a deal to helm Lionsgate’s elevated genre pic XOXO, described as “Fatal Attraction for the digital age.” The project already has some intriguing pedigree behind it. The screenplay comes from Black Swan scribe Mark Heyman, who will now rewrite under Nolfi’s supervision, and Darren Aronofsky, Michael London, and Kelly Mullen are on board as producers. More details after the jump.

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Update from editor Peter Sciretta: Deadline has learned that F. Gary Gray has withdrawn from consideration and is now in negotiations to instead direct the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton for New Line Cinema. Last week Disney announced a April 4th, 2014 release date for the a sequel.


There’s something that really appeals to me about the idea of the Welcome to Collinwood directors taking on the Captain America sequel for Marvel Studios.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We know that Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely have been writing a sequel to the 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger. But no director has been hired; we didn’t know if Joe Johnston would return, or if Marvel would turn to someone new, and possibly cheaper.

Now there’s a report that the shortlist to direct the new Cap film is down to four people, but two of those four are a package deal: George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau), F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job), and Anthony and Joseph Russo, who made Welcome to Collinwood, and are perhaps better known for working as producer/directors on Community. Read More »

The Wire‘s Michael K. Williams (who, like John Goodman, just guest-appeared on Community) was in the running for the title role in Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, and though he lost the part to Jamie Foxx, he may still end up in the film, in a part written just for him.

Hopefully another new job won’t get in the way; Williams will now also be a producer and actor in Life Garland‘s indie thriller The Suspect, written by Stuart Connelly. Here’s how the writer describes the film: “Two African American social scientists pose as bank robbers in an effort to understand the racial dynamics of small-town law enforcement. However, their experiment takes an unplanned, deadly turn.” That’s a great premise that could be the beginning of a compelling film. We’ll definitely follow the development. Shadow and Act reveals that Isaiah Washington is also set for the film.

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It’s an action/thriller casting break this evening, featuring the return of some classic actors to familiar old stomping grounds. So after the break you’ll find:

  • Peter Stormare is a bad guy in Arniold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand,
  • Anthony Hopkins will hunt a serial killer in Solace,
  • and Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme and John Travolta may be confirmed for The Expendables 2.

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The Adjustment Bureau looks at first like a thriller/romance hybrid; consider an alternate reality version of The Tourist, perhaps. But this film is not preoccupied with beauty; rather it contemplates the conflict between free will and predestination. That simple, eternal question becomes a sort of science fiction — something closer to theological fiction, really — when you factor in the Bureau, an organization that sees to it that mere mortals consistently adhere to ‘the plan.’

Numerous release delays and more than a small amount of re-editing left us wondering if this movie, the directorial debut from screenwriter George Nolfi, might be a total disaster. In fact, The Adjustment Bureau is an effective, even captivating romantic chase film with a meditative core worth considering. That is, until it bursts its own bubble with explanations. Still, the questions posed linger even after the film offers a too-pat resolution. Read More »

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Louis Leterrier

First up, this is not Gravity as in the Alfonso Cuarón 3D sci-fi space thriller that will have an insane opening shot.

No, this is an altogether different film called Gravity. This one has been described as ‘The Day After Tomorrow meets Taken,’ and Clash of the Titans and The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier is now attached to direct. Read More »