Well, we don’t much like Mission: Impossible 2 either, but this almost seems like quite a serious move by Tom Cruise in opposition to his M:I2 director John Woo. (It probably isn’t anything more than standard business, however.) Mr. Woo has been developing¬† a WWII film called Flying Tigers, and hopes (hoped?) to have Liam Neeson appear in the picture when it shoots next spring.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise reportedly wants to play a fighter pilot in a period picture, and he and producers at Fox and New Regency have hired a writer to pen a new draft of their own Flying Tigers film. Read More »


There’s finally been some movement on John Woo‘s next period war epic, the ’40s aerial fighter movie which we first heard about over a year ago. It was tentatively being referred to as Flying Tiger Heroes, but the title has now been shortened to the snappier sounding Flying Tigers.

Who’s Woo looking to cast in the film? There’s no certainty that this will ever happen, but his ideal candidate is Liam Neeson. Find out more about what he had to say, and about the film’s IMAX prospects, after the break. Read More »