Rian Johnson WonderCon

Imagine being Rian Johnson. While we all sit out here and gossip about what’s happening in Star Wars Episode VII, he’s sitting at Lucasfilm with the full knowledge of that film, working on how the story will unfold after this first new chapter. For real, that’s got to be in the top five coolest jobs in the world right now. So it’s pretty special when the writer/director of Star Wars Episode VIII and potential writer of Star Wars Episode IX steps out of his Lucasfilm shell for a little interview.

Johnson Skyped into the live 500th episode of the Filmspotting podcast to talk a bit about his new movies. Among his statements was this: “I’m really excited about all the things I can’t tell you.” He also joked about how he got the job, what it means to him and his respect of the prequels. Read all about Rian Johnson and Star Wars 8 below. Read More »

/Film’s David Chen Guest Hosts Filmspotting


This week, /Film’s own David Chen had the opportunity to guest host the movie podcast Filmspotting. Filmspotting started way back in 2005 and is one of the oldest, most well-respected movie podcasts on the internet. They also achieved the dream of many podcasters: Getting picked up by a well-respected radio station. They currently broadcast on WBEZ in Chicago, a station they share with shows such as This American Life. Filmspotting’s Adam Kempenaar has appeared on the /Filmcast a couple of times before.

In the episode, Dave shares some of his favorite moments from the podcast over the past few years, and gets the opportunity to countdown his Top Five Walter Sobchak quotes. Big Lebowski fans will probably enjoy some of the in-jokes within. You can learn more about Filmspotting, including how to subscribe, by visiting their website.

You can download the episode here (Right click and “Save As”) or play it in your browser below: