james cameron wonder woman

On Thursday, director James Cameron — the man behind female icons such as Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies, Ripley in Aliens, and erm, Neytiri in Avatar — struck an illogical blow against the female-led movie of the summer: Wonder Woman.

Instead of being a watershed moment in Hollywood, Cameron accused Wonder Woman of being a “step backwards” for women compared to his beloved Ripley. It was an incredibly reductive way of viewing Wonder Woman and its cultural impact — and his comments naturally caused such an uproar that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins stepped in to tell him exactly how he was wrong.

Not that Jenkins needs any help, but I’m also here to break down exactly why it’s not Wonder Woman that is woefully “backwards” in its views of women, but James Cameron.

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When I discovered the vice-like grip that Twilight has on the popular imagination of this nation’s tween and middle-aged female demographic, I was content to just ignore it. After all, there are so many movies that come out which cater to my demographic that a bunch of people going insane over what I thought was a mediocre-flick at best shouldn’t affect me. Nonetheless, in the past couple of weeks, the Twilight backlash has begun in earnest. People are making well-articulated claims saying that not only is Twilight a bad film, its messages actually do harm to our nation’s youth. What exactly have they been saying?
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