Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Trailer

Escape Room brought six strangers together in a series of deadly puzzles where only the last one standing would survive. But Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) both beat the system and walked away with their lives. Unfortunately, the game isn’t done with them yet as the two suddenly find themselves in a series of new puzzles with a whole new group of strangers. But this time, the game gets more challenging, because as the Escape Room: Tournament of Champions trailer reveals, everyone else has played before too. Read More »

Escape Room 2 Photos

After being made on a budget of just $9 million, the suspenseful puzzle thriller Escape Room went on to be a major box office success, raking in over $155 million worldwide. That was more than enough for Sony Pictures to get a sequel off the ground immediately, and now we’re finally getting a hint at how the deadly game will expand in the next chapter.

The first photos from Escape Room: Tournament of Champions have arrived, but in order to talk about what’s happening in the sequel, we’re gonna have to spoil the hell out of the first movie, so you’ve been warned. Read More »