snow white remake director

Marc Webb may be the director of the next live-action Disney remake that will sweep audiences (and box offices) off their feet. The director of The Amazing Spider-Man films and (500) Days of Summer has been tapped by Disney to remake the 1937 classic animated film Snow White, the studio’s very first animated feature that kicked off a century-long legacy.

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Secretary Screenwriter Pens Steamy New Show for HBO


Screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson had a big hit with Secretary in 2002. Well, maybe not a hit in the commercial sense, but definitely in the cultural sense; it’s a film that people still talk about, and which will likely continue to have a real presence for years to come. But Wilson hasn’t had a great many produced credits since then. Maybe her profile will rise once again thanks to Oprah and Harpo  Films, which is making a deal with HBO to produce a currently untitled show about a woman who walks away from her family to live out a life of sexual fantasies in LA. Read More »