anna and the apocalypse clip

Now that Thanksgiving is over and gone, we can focus on celebrating Christmas with the best present Hollywood can offer: the soundtrack to Anna and the Apocalypse. The cult film festival favorite is a mere four days away from its highly anticipated release in U.S. theaters, but it looks like Christmas has come early for those who are waiting for the Scottish zombie musical — the entire Anna and the Apocalypse soundtrack is now on sale. Get a taste of the dangerously catchy soundtrack with the new Anna and the Apocalypse clip below.

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anna and the apocalypse music video

So this is how the zombie apocalypse will go down: in song. Anna and the Apocalypse, the acclaimed horror-musical-comedy that broke everyone’s brains at Fantastic Fest (in a good way), has a new music video for the song “Soldier at War,” performed by Ben Wiggins. In the new Anna and the Apocalypse music video, we see how the residents of the sleepy town of Little Haven deal with the zombie apocalypse.

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Anna and the Apocalypse Music Video

Every holiday season, there are a handful of melodramatic dramas or cheesy comedies taking place around Christmas. But this year will be a little bit different, because there’s a zombie Christmas musical on the way.

That’s right, Anna and the Apocalypse is a high school musical set at Christmas when zombies attack a small Scottish town. If you’re wondering what that looks like, the first musical number from the movie has arrived, featuring a song called “Hollywood Ending.” Check out the Anna and the Apocalypse music video below. Read More »

anna and the apocalypse trailer

You’ve seen zombie comedies before, but have you ever seen a zombie comedy that’s also a musical? How about a Scottish one that’s set during the Christmas season? Anna and the Apocalypse checks all of those boxes, but aside from its fun genre mash-ups, it’s also a film that slowly introduces its horror aspect and gets the audience to invest in its characters along the way. Check out the newest trailer below. Read More »