cowboy bebop cast

Every western neo-noir needs a doomed ingenue, and the beautifully tragic Julia is that to John Cho‘s grizzled bounty hunter Spike Siegel in Netflix’s upcoming Cowboy Bebop adaptation. The live-action remake of the acclaimed anime series created by Shinichiro Watanabe has found its Julia in Elena Satine, best known for her roles in Twin Peaks: The ReturnStrange Angel, and Revenge. Satine joins the Cowboy Bebop cast four months after Cho was announced as the lead in the 10-episode Netflix series.

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Seems like there have been far more superhero movie rumors than normal in the run-up to this year’s Comic Con. Hopefully many of these will be addressed in some manner within the next couple weeks, but in the meantime take anything boldly marked ‘rumor’ as merely a way to kickstart conversation. So, after the break, you can start to talk about the idea of Jonathan Nolan directing Superman and Elena Satine playing Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man. Read More »