a star is born eddie vedder

Bradley Cooper may have perfectly nailed the part of an aging rock star, but it turns out that one of the biggest detractors of A Star is Born was Cooper’s own rock star friend, Eddie Vedder. Thankfully, Vedder’s warnings to Cooper fell on deaf ears, but the Pearl Jam frontman ended up influencing Cooper’s performance as Jackson Maine in a different way.

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Not long after Frozen was released, Disney put out a video of Elsa’s signature theme “Let It Go” being sung in 25 different languages. And that was only the beginning of the Frozen interpretations and reinterpretations. Since then, we’ve seen a Mr. Freeze version, a Game of Thrones version, a Jimmy Fallon and the Roots version, a Stormtrooper version — you name it.

Now even Pearl Jam is getting in on the game, with Eddie Vedder belting out the tune at a recent concert. Who knew pristine princess Elsa could sound so ’90s grunge? Watch the video after the jump.

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Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper is finally getting close to finishing his follow-up feature. The new film is called Out of the Furnace, and features Christian Bale as Russell, a man whose younger brother is drawn deep into crime after Russell goes to prison. After his release, Bale’s character seeks justice for his brother, and winds up facing Woody Harrelson, as a powerful local criminal.

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Cameron Crowe hasn’t had a film on screens in a while — his last was the tepid Elizabethtown, in 2005 — but he’s roaring back with three features in 2011. Roaring, I tell you. One new film is the drama We Bought A Zoo, with Matt Damon, Scarletty Johansson and Elle Fanning. That one will hit in mid-December. Then there is the first of two documentaries, The Union, about the making of Elton John and Leon Russell’s album of the same name.

Finally, he’s got Pearl Jam Twenty, a doc which celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the band’s existence. (Which is actually not quite right, as the band formed prior to 1991, but ’91 is when the major debut release, ‘Ten,’ hit shelves.) Now there’s a brief teaser for the doc, which shows the very early days, when Peal Jam played under a different name. Read More »

Leave it to Cameron Crowe to make the soundtrack for a movie before he’s shot a single frame. In a recent interview with MTV, Matt Damon said that when he got the script to Crowe’s new film, We Bought A Zoo, it came with a soundtrack that featured “a lot of Eddie Vedder” and “a lot of Neil Young.”

The film, scheduled for release almost one year from today, December 23, 2011, stars shooting next month. It’s based on a memoir by Benjamin Mee chronicling how he and his family decided to buy and run a dilapidated zoo after the death of his wife. Written and directed by Crowe, Damon stars as Mee alongside a love interest played by Scarlett Johansson, his brother played by Thomas Hayden Church, and zoo employees Elle Fanning, Patrick Fugit and Angus McFadyen. See Damon’s interview and more after the break. Read More »