Mark Cuban Negotiating for 3-D Without the Glasses!?

One of the main problems with the concept of 3D is people don’t like wearing those annoying glasses. Sure, they have improved over the years. I remember seeing one of the early MAX 3D films with this big hunking plastic helmet (something larger than Darth Vader would ever wear) which cramped my neck. Real D and IMAX now offer low weight plastic glasses, but I’ve still heard complaints of eye strain (although I’ve never ever suffered such). I’ve always said the future of 3D is a glass-less solution. A few years ago at E3 I saw some early versions of televisions which offered 3D without glasses, and while the prototypes were early at best, I knew then this is where we’d be heading.

MarketSaw is reporting that billionaire maverick Mark Cuban and Ed Meyer of have been negotiating with a glass-less 3-D for Cuban’s Landmark Theater chain. The site claims there “may be an announcement soon.” I’m not sure the accuracy of this report (for now let’s classify this as rumor), as I’m still under the belief that we’re a few years off. But it will certainly be interesting to see what kind of technology is needed for such a solution. And how good will it look compared to the normal glass-wearing solution we’re all use to.

Would you see more 3D movies if you didn’t have to wear glasses?