Tarsem Singh‘s Immortals isn’t talked about much these days, but it was a decent hit in its time. With a worldwide box office total of $226 million, the 2011 fantasy actioner is still Relativity’s highest-grossing release to date. And now it’s headed where all successful films go these days — into sequel territory. Relativity Studios is teaming with Storyoscopic Films for Immortals 2, along with a bunch of other follow-ups including November Man 2Act of Valor 2, and Earth to Echo 2Read More »

‘Earth to Echo’ Trailer: Helping E.T. Get Home

Earth to Echo

If E.T. and Chronicle had a baby, it might look a lot like Earth to Echo. Director Dave Green employs the found-footage format to tell the story of four kids who discover and befriend a cute, friendly alien. Which, in turn, kinda looks like what might happen if Wall-E and Eve ever found a way to procreate. Check out the new Earth to Echo trailer after the jump.

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Earth to Echo trailer

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: suburban kids who like to ride bikes find a cute little alien, then try to help the little guy get home even as adult Earth authorities close in on their discovery. This isn’t Mac and Me; it’s Earth to Echo, which doesn’t even try to disguise its Spielberg aspirations. Here’s a full-length Earth to Echo trailer, which shows off the alien at the center of the found-footage film. (He looks kinda like Bubo from the original Clash of the Titans!)

But Spielberg was never shy about revealing his own interests and inspirations, so let’s see what Earth to Echo has to offer. This trailer does suggest that the movie has a shade of a darker ending than E.T. did, so we’ll follow along and discover how the journey ends when the film opens this summer. Read More »

‘Earth to Echo’ Pushed From Spring to Summer 2014

Earth to Echo

Briefly: Another found-footage genre picture has been delayed, and this time it seems to be for a pretty good reason. Relativity is pushing the Amblin-esque Earth to Echo from a spring release into July of this year. That indicates that Relativity has confidence in the film’s ability to draw an audience in competition with films that will likely have far more marketing muscle behind them. The film now lands a week after Transformers: Age of Extinction, and a week before Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Read More »

Earth to Echo

In the year 2014, for a movie to fly so far under the radar we don’t hear about it until a trailer is out, is incredibly rare. It’s almost like a time before the Internet. A time when kids adventure movies like The Goonies or E.T. The Extra Terrestrial totally surprised audiences when they sat down in the theater. That time was the Eighties and that’s the vibe director Dave Green is going for with Earth to Echo, a found-footage film following a group of young kids who find something magical in the desert. Relativity will release the film on April 25 and the first teaser has just been released. If you like that kind of movie, you are going to smile at this one. Check it out below. Read More »