Dr. Loomis Halloween Cameo

The new Halloween coming this fall is taking a bold approach to reviving the slasher franchise by ignoring every single sequel that followed the original 1978 film from director John Carpenter. Instead, we pick up 40 years later as Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has become a strong, smart survivor waiting for Michael Myers to return. But some fans have been wondering how one of the constants from the sequels that followed the original film would be incorporated into this new film.

Donald Pleasance played the stoic Dr. Loomis, who knew everything there was to know about Michael Myers. He saw the pure evil in his eyes, even as a child. He appeared in every single sequel that followed the original until his death in 1995, the same year that Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers hit theaters. Since he survived the attacks of the original Halloween, how is director David Gordon Green handling his character in this sequel, especially without Donald Pleasance to bring him to life? Read More »