no sudden move trailer

No Sudden Move would fit right in with a classic Hollywood noir marathon. Out of director Steven Soderbergh‘s diverse filmography, it’s most reminiscent of his movie The Good German in its intent. Together, the filmmaker and screenwriter Ed Solomon sought to capture a visual language rarely seen anymore. Benicio del Toro‘s Ronald Russo and Don Cheadle‘s Curt Goynes could pop in a ’50s noir and never look or sound out of place.

From the patience of the camerawork to the characters who are often as mysterious as the plot to the crackling dialogue, it’s a wonderful homage. It’s also, like many rewarding noirs, a well-put-together towering deck of cards. Seeing how it all comes together is a part of the fun, especially for Solomon, who embraces, not fights, how a story evolves.

The screenwriter, perhaps best known for Men in Black and the Bill & Ted films, previously worked with Soderbergh on HBO’s Mosaic. The two started to kick around ideas for a crime picture akin to the Ocean’s 11 trilogy, but No Sudden Move was the end result. We sat down with Solomon, who told us how the film grew into what it ultimately became.

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the wonder years reboot first look

Did you know that if a contemporary The Wonder Years was set at the same chronological remove from the time of the show’s making as the original was, it would be set in the year 2001? Which the new The Wonder Years reboot obviously is not — instead returning to the ’60s setting in which the original 1988 comedy-drama took place. But this time, The Wonder Years follows a Black family in Alabama, and a young 12-year-old boy with a great imagination. Watch The Wonder Years reboot first look below.

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Is Michael Jordan in Space Jam 2

Space Jam: A New Legacy is passing the torch of hybrid animated basketball games with the Looney Tunes to NBA pro LeBron James. However, according to the sequel’s villain, Don Cheadle, the original Space Jam superstar Michael Jordan will be making an appearance in some capacity. But apparently the Chicago Bulls champion will be appearing in an unexpected way. Read More »

The Wonder Years Reboot First Look

The Wonder Years is the latest series from the past to get a shiny new reboot. But rather than modernizing the drama about a suburban family living in the 1960s, The Wonder Years reboot is taking a different approach with the same formula.

Produced by Lee Daniels, The Wonder Years reboot will follow a Black family living in Montgomery, Alabama in the 1960s, providing a much different perspective than the original series that starred Fred Savage, Danica McKellar, Dan Lauria, Alley Mills, Jason Hervey, and Olivia d’Abo as The Arnold Family. The new series will focus on The Williams Family, and a first look photo has officially been revealed. Read More »

the wonder years reboot narrator

Don Cheadle is about to take a walk down memory lane. The Avengers: Endgame star has been set as the narrator for ABC’s reboot of The Wonder Years, taking on the role of adult Dean Williams in ABC’s single-camera pilot.

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Space Jam: A New Legacy First Look

Thanks to all the endless comparisons between basketball players Michael Jordan and LeBron James, audiences have been demanding to see a sequel to Space Jam featuring the latter NBA champion, especially since his big screen debut in Trainwreck. For better or worse, fans are getting their wish with Space Jam: A New Legacy coming to theaters and HBO Max this summer, and details on the film’s plot, beyond the expected basketball game involving the Looney Tunes, have finally been revealed along with some first look photos. Read More »

no sudden move cast

No Sudden Move, a new heist film from Mr. Steven Soderbergh, is rounding out its cast. Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Amy Seimetz, Ray Liotta, Bill Duke, Julia Fox, and Jon Hamm are already on board, and now David Harbour, Noah Jupe, Brendan Fraser, and Kieran Culkin are joining the project as well. The film, previously titled Kill Switch, follows a group of small-time criminals in 1950s Detroit.

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black monday season 2 trailer

How does Don Cheadle outdo his Emmy-nominated performance as Maurice “Mo” Monroe in the first season of Showtime’s dark comedy Black Monday? Go bigger. Bigger in his scenery-chewing performance, and bigger in his hair, which now falls past his shoulders in one of the wackiest TV wigs we’ve seen in a while. But that’s nothing compared to the stylish, absurd shenanigans going on in the Black Monday trailer. Watch the trailer below.

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They've Gotta Have Us - David Oyelowo

The history of Hollywood has been chronicled endlessly in various kinds of feature and television documentaries. But Ava DuVernay‘s film collective ARRAY is getting a little more specific with a new documentary series called They’ve Gotta Have Us, focusing on art, activism and race as it pertains to black cinema in Hollywood. The series features an assembly of some of the most influential black actors, actresses, writers and directors over the years, all talking about the evolution of black cinema and its major milestones. See some of them in the They’ve Gotta Have Us trailer below. Read More »

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Rhodey's Future in the MCU

Don Cheadle was on a Television Critics Association panel for his Showtime series Black Monday, which returns for a second season on March 15. After the panel, Cheadle spoke with reporters further about his upcoming roles. There’s no confirmed project involving his MCU character James “Rhodey” Rhodes, but of course there’s potential for more.

Here are Cheadle’s thoughts about continuing to play Rhodey in films or streaming series. Plus, he discusses involvement or lack thereof in Space Jam 2 and the Netflix series Ratched.

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