Star Wars hotel location

It’s unusual for Walt Disney World hotels to be directly connected to one of the resort’s theme parks, but Disney is looking to change the game with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The company just officially announced the location of their planned Star Wars hotel, which will be seamlessly connected to the park. Read More »

Disney Star Wars Weekend 2012 3

A new rumor is circulating saying that Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida is planning a major expansion in the next five years. That expansion would include an east coast Cars Land and – wait for it – the first ever Star Wars Land. The report comes from Theme Park Insider, which cites “multiple insider sources.” Now, whether or not this rumor is true right now, it’s something that will happen eventually. Disney didn’t buy Lucasfilm for $4 billion just to make a J.J. Abrams movie, some cartoons and video games. They want long lasting revenue, and Star Wars Land would do just that.  Read More »