This is an update that we should have included in today’s previous Guillermo del Toro update, but it was buried in the middle of a long interview with Deadline, and I just caught it. (Plus, after Comic Con, GdT updates are everywhere. We could start a GdT mini-site to run for the next week.)

In the Deadline interview, del Toro makes it sound like the delays with The Hobbit were to blame for the quick demise of his deal with Disney to set up some animated films that have a slightly darker tone than most Disney fare. So if you’ve been looking for information on animated films from Disney Double Dare You, might be time to stop. Read More »


Recently Guillermo Del Toro teased us with an announcement of a project relating to the letter ‘D’. Speculation ran rampant that it would be anything from a film based on DC’s character Deadman to his projected adaptation of Drood by Dan Simmons, to all sorts of other outlandish stuff.

Now we know the deal: he’s teaming up with Disney to launch a new animation label called Disney Double Dare You, which will “create new animated films full of chills and thrills for audiences of all ages.” Read More »