Derrick Comedy may not be a household name quite yet, but it’s likely you’ve stumbled across some of their work before. (At the very least, you’re probably aware of its most famous member, Donald Glover.) The comedy group met as students at NYU, and quickly gained a following for their Internet videos, including “Bro Rape” and “Blowjob Girl,” featuring a pre-Office Ellie Kemper.

Derrick Comedy then made a leap to the big screen in 2009 with Mystery Team, an underrated indie comedy about three naive high school detectives who get in over their heads. Now the film’s director, Dan Eckman, has lined up a couple of new projects that’ll reunite him with some of his Derrick Comedy teammates. Read more after the jump.

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LOL: Derrick Comedy’s “Thomas Jefferson”

Mystery Team was released on DVD today everywhere (under $20 on Amazon right now or VOD now). To celebrate, Derrick Comedy has released a new original sketch called “Thomas Jefferson”. Watch it now, embedded after the jump.
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Mystery Team Extends NYC Run, Demand It!


DERRICK Comedy’s feature film debut Mystery Team had the fourth-highest per screen average this past weekend, a period during which they were the second-most Demanded thing on Eventful. Demand the film come to your city.  I’ve been told that they’re trying to respond to those demands in as timely a fashion as their schedule and budget will allow.

The film’s New York City run has been extended through next week (showtimes), and they will have a special limited engagement this Friday and Saturday night at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, NM. Several more cities will be announced soon. Derrick will be in New York doing Q&As every night, and handing out swords to people who see the movie twice, until the end of the run.

This morning we received a very nice e-mail from DERRICK, which they said we could share with you, our readers. You can read that letter after the jump.

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New Derrick Comedy Video: Don’t Jerk Off To This


There’s something heartening about Derrick Comedy’s solidarity as they engage in promoting their feature-length debut, Mystery Team. When all the elements are taken together, the whole enterprise seems like a triumph of the web: Derrick’s online roots and Youtube success; the blogger/festival circuit buzz about the film; the use of the Demand It campaign to bring the movie to specific cities; and the video at hand that was recently posted on their Youtube page, “Don’t Jerk Off to This.”
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Derrick Comedy has been so busy making and promoting their feature film debut Mystery Team, that they haven’t had the time to produce a new internet short film/comedy sketch in almost two whole years. Until now, that is. Derrick is releasing the short film “Boy Band” online to celebrate the further expansion of  their indie comedy feature. To me, “Boy Band”, is a perfect example of why I love these guys. It’s so very politically incorrect in all the right ways, the lyrics are brilliantly written, and the production is top notch, especially for an internet production (to me it looks as good, if not better, than any of the Digital Shorts on SNL).

A rough cut of “Boy Band” premiered at the Alamo Drafhouse before the national premiere of Mystery Team. But aside from the Austin Texas audience who were in attendance at that screening, you are the first to see the new short. Derrick has decided to premiere the new short film exclusively on /Film, as a way of saying thanks to you guys, the /Film readers, for the continued support of their debut feature.

For the past month, Derrick has asked you to DEMAND that Mystery Team play in your town, and now Roadside has announced that the movie is coming to some of the most demanded cities. Derrick tells us that the theatrical release will continue into the new year, so if you want to see the movie, DEMAND IT in your town, and tell your friends do the same. Watch the new short film after the jump, followed by information about Mystery Team’s Holiday expansion plans.

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mystery team flyer

At Sundance we saw a great new comedy called Mystery Team. You might remember, at the end of the festival, we wrote about the film in a post titled “One of the Most Marketable Films of Sundance 2009 Remains Unsold“. And as far as we know, the film remains unsold. But don’t worry, you’ll eventually get a chance to see the movie, trust me.

And if you live in New York City, your chance will be next week. Derrick Comedy is holding two advance screenings of the film on Tuesday March 3rd and Wednesday March 4th at Cinema Village (22 E 12th St) at 6:30pm. Tickets are free and will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis at 5:45pm. Arrive as early as possible to ensure you get a ticket!

Sundance Movie Review: Mystery Team

Before I start my review, I think I better give you a little background.

I’m not a big fan of sketch comedy, and never have been.

I have never been able to completely place why this is, but I think it might have something to do with the obnoxiously over the top characterizations and the flat stage like set-up of most of these types of shows and films. I go to a movie theater to see something cinematic, and not just a glorified SNL sketch that has been enlarged to fit the big screen. Most sketch comedy-based films also have flimsy plots that are so thinly held together with a series of comic beats. I’m a story guy and this just doesn’t work for me. All of that said, I absolutely loved Derrick Comedy‘s Mystery Team.

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