Ben Affleck‘s third directorial effort, Argo, opens this week, and as far as I’m concerned the guy is three for three in the director’s chair. His solid track record so far makes Affleck a big choice as possible director for a lot of different projects, big and small, but so far the only one that has seemed like it might happen is The Stand.

With Argo taking Affleck away from Boston and crime fiction, The Stand seemed like an interesting prospect as it would take him even further afield. But we’ve heard little about that all year, and now it seems like the director/actor is going back home. He’s even traveling with author Dennis Lehane, whose work provided the basis for Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone.

The project is Live By Night, a primarily Boston-set story that takes place at the height of Prohibition, and follows a policeman’s son who takes to life as a liquor outlaw, which eventually leads him to Florida, Cuba, and the depths of crime.

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