demonic trailer

Neill Blomkamp has helmed his first feature film since the 2015 misfire Chappie, and here’s the trailer to prove it. Blomkamp’s latest is Demonic, a horror movie about a young woman who unleashes some terrifying demons. There’s obviously more to the story than that, but everyone is playing things close to the vest here. Even the trailer is careful to not give too much away. See for yourself below.

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Demonic First Look Set Footage

It’s been six years since District 9 director Neill Blomkamp delivered a feature film, and it was the disappointing sci-fi action movie Chappie. But when Blomkamp returns to the big screen this year, it will be in an entirely new genre.

Demonic is a new supernatural horror thriller debuting at the end of the summer that involves a family rift between a mother and daughter and the literal demons that are at the root of their pain. Instead of coming right out of the gate with a teaser trailer, IFC Midnight has debuted some 8mm footage from the set of Demonic alongside a couple first look photos. Check it all out below. Read More »

Demonic movie

Neill Blomkamp, of District 9 and Chappie fame, directed a horror movie in Canada last year during the pandemic that was cloaked in mystery, but now we finally know a little bit about it. The film is called Demonic, and IFC Midnight has announced that the company has picked up the U.S. distribution rights. Learn more about the project below. Read More »


Originally, James Wan was supposed to have two films out in 2014: Furious 7, which he directed; and Demonic, which he produced. Alas, both got pulled off the calendar. Furious 7 has at least found a new date in April, but we’re still waiting for release details on Demonic.

In the meantime, though, we do have a new Demonic trailer that offers a taste of the creepiness to come. Frank Grillo and Maria Bello star as a detective and a psychologist (respectively) investigating the deaths of five college students who perished while looking for ghosts. Will Canon directed. Watch the Demonic trailer after the jump. Read More »

Magic Mike

Amber Heard and Jada Pinkett-Smith will also star in Magic Mike XXL, despite being rather ill-equipped to play male strippers. Plus, see a new photo from behind the scenes of Magic Mike XXL. And also after the jump:

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