(Note: this interview was conducted at Fantastic Fest 2017 when the film premiered with its original title, Applecart.)

With indie horror releases hitting consumer screens in droves thanks to VOD and streaming platforms, story ideas have to be more outstanding than ever. Anyone can make a slasher movie, so why should we watch YOUR slasher movie? With that mentality in mind, writer/director Brad Baruh offers to the masses his true-crime-creature-possession-WTFery flick Dead Night –classification be damned. One family’s vacation gone horribly wrong, “experts” narrating the night with all the incorrect details – it’s certainly not the most familiar horror construct.

/Film had the opportunity to sit down not only with Baruh to chat Dead Night, but a handful of his leading ladies in Barbara Crampton, Brea Grant and Sophie Dalah. Read on to learn about why Baruh opted for such a brightly lit feel, who Crampton stalked to secure her part and everyone’s tolerance to filming in the cold. Oh, you thought filmmaking was all glitz and glamor? Sometimes you’re in 17-degree weather, covered in fake blood and trying not to popsicleize. Take some tips from these ladies if you want to survive!

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The Deer Hunter Trailer

If you’re looking for several different trailers in one spot, you’ve come to the right place. Our trailer round-ups are here to offer you some movie trailers that might have flown under your radar. Below you’ll see trailers for The Deer Hunter restoration, the indie drama Skate Kitchen, the sci-fi romance Zoe, horror films Dead Night and Our House, and the anime Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Narrative).

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