DC League of Super-Pets - Dwayne Johnson Voicing Krypto the Super Dog

Dwayne Johnson will soon be joining the DC Comics big screen universe by starring in Black Adam, but that’s not the only superhero the wrestler-turned-blockbuster-star will be playing. Warner Bros. Pictures is bringing in Dwayne Johnson to lead DC League of Super-Pets, an animated comic book movie that will have the Fast and Furious franchise co-star playing Krypto the Super-Dog, the loyal canine companion of Superman who shares the same powers as the Man of Steel. Read More »

dc super pets release date

Action hero pets are all the rage in theaters right now thanks to John Wick, but Warner Bros. may be missing that boat by delaying the DC Super Pets release date. The animated film based on the kids cartoon franchise that follows the furry friends of DC superheroes has been pushed back from its initial May 2021 release date to May 2022.

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Matt Reeves The Batman Release Date

After today’s updates about Matt Reeves‘ gestating new Batman movie, Warner Bros. has staked out a 2021 release date for the sequel. Even bigger news is that Ben Affleck will not be returning as The Caped Crusader, and the movie will instead focus on a younger Bruce Wayne.

That’s not the only Warner Bros. Pictures release date news, because the studio has also set the Suicide Squad sequel for release in 2021, as well as a DC Super Pets movie. And outside of the comic book realm, The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep has been moved up to release in the fall of 2019 instead of early 2020. Read More »