Edgar Wright Animated Movie

Director Edgar Wright has been a feature filmmaker for about 11 years now, and in that time he’s delivered four outstanding films with near-flawless screenplays, tight editing and visuals that truly use the medium of film to its full potential. Knowing what he’s pulled off in the live-action realm with Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End and Scott Pilgrim vs the World, I’ve always wanted to see what he can do in animation, and now we’ll get to find out.

The Wrap has learned that Wright has signed on to direct and co-write his first animated feature film for DreamWorks Animation. At this time details are scarce, but the movie reportedly focuses on a concept involving shadows, and it seems to have loose ties to a project that DWA was developing awhile back. Read More »

The theme of this Casting Bits seems to be “rising stars,” as All My Children‘s Ambyr Childers stakes out a spot in an all-star cast, War Horse star Jeremy Irvine leads a movie starring Britain’s finest, and Thor actress Jaimie Alexander signs on to co-star with the Governator himself. Read more after the jump.

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Sounds like its go-go-go for Little Britons Matt Lucas and David Walliams at the moment. Not only have they recently filmed a wave of new Rock Profile sketches, set to premiere on the UK wing of Funny or Die on May 11th, they are also writing their next US shows – though this time, they might be aired as one-off specials, rather than a series which suggests the first run wasn’t exactly a smash. Most excitingly, though, the pair have finished their screenplay for the proposed Little Britain movie.

According to The Sun, the script is currently off at Ben Stiller’s Red Hour production company and awaiting a greeen light. No doubt the BBC will be co-producing, and I’d imagine this will get made by the Beeb even if Stiller’s company passes, if only on a tighter budget.

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