Tim Hill Hired to Direct ‘Short Circuit’ Reboot

In 2008 Dimension Films picked up the rights to remake the mid-’80s robot film Short Circuit, but as is often the case with projects like these, actually getting the picture to a position that is ready to shoot is taking some time. Now there’s a new director: Tim Hill, who will also oversee the creation of a new script. Read More »

Short Circuit

We’ve known that Dimension would remake Short Circuit, and we’ve known that Robot Chicken writer Dan Milano would be scripting. Now we’ve got a director: Steve Carr. Who? How about this: he’s the guy who directed Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Read More »

Short Circuit

Remakes, remakes, and more remakes! Dimension Films has hired a new writer for the Short Circuit remake they announced last April. The original screenwriters/creators S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock had been hired to pen the remake, but apparently the Weinstein’s want to go in another direction with screenwriter Dan Milano. Before you write this one off completely, let me tell you a bit about the new screenwriter.

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McG to direct Me and My Monster

McGAccording to BD, Three-letter-named Music video turned film driector McG has signed on to direct Me and My Monster for Sony. I’m pretty sure the film is not connected to the popular 19080’s children’s toy My Pet Monster. The film is about a young boy who has a friendship with a bizarre creature that changes the course of his life as he becomes an adult. Jake Gyllenhaal was attached to the project when original announced, but that has probably changed. It has long been rumored that McG would probably tackle this film as his next project, but now it’s been confirmed. Co-screenwriter Dan Milano was a writer on Robot Chicken and Greg The Bunny, so we know he has a good sense of humor. Neil Jordan (The Good Thief) was originally in talks to helm the project.

I’ve always been a supporter of McG as the first Charlies Angels film still remains one of my guilty pleasures. One other thing this project has is Oscar-winning effects creator Stan Winston, who is attached as producer. I’m guessing that Winston would also create the monster which appears in the film. The film is shooting for a 2009 release date.