DC Pierson Announces New Novel ‘Crap Kingdom’

Derrick Comedy member DC Pierson has given us the opportunity to exclusively announce his next novel Crap Kingdom. Some of you probably know DC from Derrick Comedy’s 2009 Sundance film Mystery Team, or you might recognize him from his appearances on Community, a handful of tv commercials or his many appearances at Upright Citizens Brigade in both LA and NYC.

A couple years ago, Vintage published DC’s first novel, The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To, a critically acclaimed hilarious high school coming of age story with a small side of mutant creatures from another galaxy. That book is currently being developed into a feature film by Dan Eckman (director of Mystery Team and the Community episode ” Digital Exploration of Interior Design” which focused on the blanket fort war and Subway). DC and his novel were recently back in the news due to a funny incident that happened on Yahoo Answers.

DC’s new book Crap Kingdom is available for pre-order now. After the jump I have included a letter from DC explaining more about the book and how if you pre-order early, he will write and record a custom rap featuring your name. You can also see the cover art for the new book.

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