the conjuring 2 spoiler review 3

DavidDevindra, and Russ Fischer discuss James Wan’s The Conjuring 2. In the After Dark, they discuss the AI-scripted film, Sunspring and list their most anticipated films of the summer. Then, in an impromptu After After Dark, Oscar Sharp and Ross Goodwin, the creators of Sunspring, join the conversation!

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The Conjuring 2 mostly takes place in in Enfield, London, but that’s not where we travelled to visit the set of director James Wan‘s horror sequel. On this day in the schedule, the shoot was in Santa Clarita, CA — an unmistakable double for Enfield, London. Working not too far from the Warner Bros. lot, on a soundstage, the crew built the kind of basement you expect to see in a horror movie: dark, wet, and dangerous.

But, hopefully, like the first film, The Conjuring 2 isn’t the kind of movie we expect.

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