colette trailer

Keira Knightley in a period drama! What will they think of next? But Colette may be the period drama queen’s most modern movie yet. In the first Colette trailer, the Oscar-nominated actress stars as the real-life French writer Gabrielle Sidonie Colette who goes on to become a leading literary figure and an early sexual revolutionary.

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movies sold at sundance

As the first major film festival of the year, Sundance is ground zero for distributors discovering some of the gems that will populate film release schedules throughout the rest of the year. Here is our list of movies sold at Sundance 2018 so far, which should be coming to theaters, VOD, and streaming services in the near future.

In this update: The Sentence, The Tale, and Sorry to Bother You.

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If you find yourself in Paris between now and January 26th, the prescient boutique Colette is hosting an exhibition entitled “Planet of the Apes” showcasing the photography by Dennis Stock. In 1967, Stock was on location for the filming of the classic sci-fi flick starring Charlton Heston; his resulting photos cheekily contrast cast members in full costume with the sunny, mundane streets of Los Angeles forty years ago, with others capturing a few dry-humored moments before takes. Something about Hollywood during that time lends the photos a certain free spiritedness and playful wickedness that would have been absent circa Tim Burton’s remake in 2001.

In celebration of the movie’s 40th anniversary and the 60th for the Magnum Photo cooperative, Colette has put together chic portfolios containing silver photo prints from “Planet of the Apes.” Of course, only 12 were made. Such is life.