taken tv series trailer

The chief appeal of the Taken movies wasn’t the action (it was pretty good at best) and it certainly wasn’t any kind of nuanced storytelling. The reason Taken was a hit, the reason the first film is still a damn good movie eight years later, the reason they were able to squeeze two far inferior sequels out of a barebones premise, is Liam Neeson. When Bryan Mills (or as I like to call him, John Taken) monologues about his specific set of skills, Neeson does something that most action heroes cannot: he makes you believe that he is actually capable of the carnage he is about to wreak. Neeson’s weary, no-bullshit performance is the reason these movies every worked in the first place.

So when you watch the trailer for NBC’s new Taken television series, there should be one question bouncing around your brain: can Taken really be Taken without Liam Neeson?

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Taken TV Series Cast

Not too long ago, we found out that the Taken TV series in development at NBC had rounded up TV director Alex Graves (Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, The West Wing) to be at the helm of the pilot for the prequel story that will show us how Bryan Mills (the character originated by Liam Neeson in the film franchise) acquired his particular set of skills. And now that TV series has a leading man to step into Neeson’s shoes.

Vikings star Clive Standen has landed the lead role of Bryan Mills in the Taken TV series cast. But remember that this series will be set in modern day, but still follows a young version of the character before he would ever have to deal with his daughter and wife (and eventually himself) getting kidnapped. Find out more below. Read More »