/Film Reader Matt B dropped me an e-mail giving a nice rundown of director James Cameron‘s appearance at Ohio State. He talked about Avatar 2, post 3D conversion, Clash of the Titans, his Titanic suicide letter, the science of Avatar, and Jamie Lee Curtis‘ unexpected contribution to the pole dancing scene in True Lies. Read the full report after the jump.
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Clash of the Titans

It’s been a week since Clash of the Titans opened, and I’ve already forgotten the movie, for the most part. There’s too little there worth remembering, as the handful of good moments are overwhelmed by an excess of chaff and a terrible structure. (Read my thoughts on the film, or listen to the /Filmcast discussion.)

Devin at CHUD hasn’t forgotten the film, however, and has gone so far as to assemble a massive slate of information about what featured in the original cut of the film and how a lot of it changed. It’s a sad portrait of how one movie is abruptly turned into another. The worst part is that we can piece together what happened, but not why. (Note: there are spoilers here for Clash of the Titans.) Read More »


Clash of the Titans PosterIn this week’s /Filmcast, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley express reservations about Paul Greengrass’s upcoming 3-D film, reflect on recent incarnations of The Three Musketeers, and respond to M. Night Shymalan’s recent interviews about race in The Last Airbender. Special guest Keith Phipps, editor of the AV Club, joins us for this episode.

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Crafting a new version of Clash of the Titans shouldn’t be a difficult task. You’ve got a hero, a quest, a few monsters and a handful of gods and humans kicking around as interested parties. It’s fun stuff, as long as the proportions are all correct.

The first time this story was told, by writer Beverly Cross and director Desmond Davis in 1981, the result wasn’t good by any stretch, but it had an undeniable charm. Thank the loving stop-motion animation from Ray Harryhausen, in part. But that film also felt like myth, even if it was myth stripped down and dressed back up as a studio picture.

This version, directed by Louis Leterrier, is a lot like his last movie, The Incredible Hulk, if you replaced the personality of Edward Norton and Tim Roth with a flatline piece of work by Sam Worthington and big extra dollop of CGI. The original had a host of good actors gamely working with the material; this time most are hiding behind wigs and make-up, likely hoping they end up on the cutting room floor where a lot of the movie’s connective tissue seemingly lies. Read More »

Clash of the Titans

Warner Bros has released 41 production photos for Louis Leterrier‘s remake of Clash of the Titans. The film screened for press this past week. I haven’t seen the film yet but I’ve heard it isn’t that great. At ShoWest, I did see a 7-10 minute presentation of post production-converted 3D clips from the film, and the 3D looked pretty flat and unnatural. Check out the full gallery of production photos now, after the jump, along with the production notes for the movie. Click on the images to see the high resolution images.
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Warner Bros will be releasing five movies in 3D in 2010 and nine movies in 2011. Alan Horn announced at ShoWest that all the studios tentpole movies, superhero films, and big special effects releases, will be distributed in 3D. He called it the new standard for the company. And yes, he was clear that this includes all of the future DC Comic Books films. That means that the new Superman and third Batman will be released in 3D.

Horn also spoke out against the criticism of converting films to 3D in a post production process. He said that “in our opinion, conversion to 3D doesn’t lessen” the 3D experience. And he said that audiences will decide when Clash of the Titans is released in 3D in a couple weeks. We were shown 7-10 minutes of footage from the post-converted Clash, and I have given my preliminary thoughts here.

Clash of the Titans in 3D

At Warner Bros presentation at ShoWest, we were shown 7-10 minutes of Clash of the Titans clips, which were upconverted and presented in 3D. I will be completely honest — it did not look great. It looked passable. General audiences might not notice the difference, but they will feel it.

To me, the live-action post-converted 3D footage looked very unnatural. At times the characters appeared to stand out like cardboard cutouts, while other times they appeared to be graphed to a computer generated 3D model, and it just looked odd. The computer animated elements look a bit better, but as a whole it was a subpar experience.

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Here’s a piece of marketing for Clash of the Titans that is at least commendably sneaky. Go to the UK version of Google. Search Kick-Ass. What do you get? In the main results, just what you’d expect to: IMDB, the official site and so on… but over in the sidebar of sponsored advertising?

First of all, you get an ad for Clash of the Titans, Warner Bros. big would-be blockbuster, which is opening in direct competition with Kick-Ass. They’ve clearly stumped up a lump and purchased some Google AdWords action. Bleeding Cool spotted this first, and made a screen cap.

But since then, there’s been some even sneakier action. A new ad has appeared, clearly purchased by Universal, the UK distributors of Kick-Ass. It reads “Don’t Be Conned. Heroes Don’t Clash, Real Heroes Kick-Ass. Join Up Now youtube.com/kickass


A neat trick by team Clash, a neater trick by team Kick-Ass.


USA Today got a chance to chat with filmmaker James Cameron who filmed the unannounced Black Eyed Peas concert with 3D cameras in New York’s Times Square on Wednesday night. Cameron dropped a few interesting news tidbits, including information on the 3D release of Titanic, a possible extended cut rerelease of Avatar this Fall, more critical comments on how Hollywood is doing 3D wrong, and his thoughts on authorship of older catelog titles.

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