The subtitles here are in French, so this trailer won’t give you many of the core plot details of the French thriller Mobius, but you’ll definitely be able to latch on to the film’s tone and catch a glimpse of the cast at work. The big draw here for some will be Jean Dujardin, last seen in his Oscar-winning turn in The Artist. But for me, it’s Cécile de France, who has been brutal in Haute Tension and simultaneously tough and tender in The Kid With a Bike.

Mobius was both written and directed by French filmmaker Eric Rochant (Love Without Pity, Long Live the Republic) and looks like a straight-up thriller with a potentially good mix of modern look and classic tone. Read More »


Clint Eastwood works fast. He had two films out last year, Changeling and Gran Torino. He’s got Invictus opening next month, but is already shooting his next picture, called Hereafter. That one, written by Peter Morgan, is one we haven’t reported on too much yet, but features Matt Damon in a story of “of three people who are touched by death in different ways.” We’d heard but hadn’t reported that Cecile de France, the violent lead from High Tension, would be part of the film as well. Now that’s confirmed by the trades, so I’m using the report as an excuse to bring us all up to date on the film. Read More »